I am a Stellar Cosmic Super Hybrid Starseed Having A Human Experience. My origins are from Spica, Orion, Vega, Andromeda, Arcturian, Pleiadian, Cassiopeia, Corona Borealis, Sirian, Lyran amongst others. Ella is my Bene Elohim name and one of the first names I got during one of my very first meditations. As humans on the physical plane we are incredibly multidimensional. We all incarnate at different starting points where our soul originally was created and we are created by the cosmos. This is how a star is born and stars are our energy. Stars represent the cosmic womb of life, death, birth, and rebirth. I am an astronomer and not an astrologist. I understand the stars formations of the stars, how they are created, and their Greek Mythology. I do healing services and I do spiritual guidance. I want to create a community to where we are all here to support one another through this process of integration, healing, upgrading our DNA, and ascension. I am a Reiki Master for the last 4 years and I have been a Paranormal Investigator for the last 6. I do not travel for my services everything is done remotely for healing and guidance work. Enjoy my services. Most of everything can be done within a 24 hour period. Please contact me here or through my messenger on Facebook


I do not work with minors. Must be 21 plus if no parental supervision.

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