Spirit is a widely used term and very broad in fact. There are many many types of spirits which I can go over in another blog post because this topic can be very in depth. However, this is the one question that I see people on Facebook posting about the most is how to tell the difference. I get asked this question all the time. As a medium I have had many encounters. They know and they get super excited to be able to communicate with me. One of the main ways I can tell the difference is in the appearance of the spirit. Sometimes I do not know what they are until the next day after a full night of sleep and my third eye sees them all night long.

Through the course of my journey as a clairvoyant seeing energy is an amazing gift. Sometimes these images are very difficult to understand. Most of the time I do not know what sort of spirit they are. I sorta just roll with it. I cannot exactly put them in categories because they are beings just like you and me but corporeal form. The most common tell all sign if a spirit is earth bound or crossed over also known as an ascended being is by how full they look in appearance. For example, some spirits I have seen only have a head that floats, well where is the rest of the body?…. Some have ripped clothing or wearing clothing that they died in they look like how they died. What does that exactly mean? To me an earth bound spirit is unfinished there is something they are missing and they have unfinished business.

Now granted during my time here I work at a hospital. I come across many different things and not just spirit. The astral is full of everything all different kinds of energies everywhere. The astral is the closest earth bound plane. So being earth bound means being in “astral” form. Etherically speaking. It can also mean that a spirit is in Limbo. Limbo is the in between where the time before a spirit is brought to judgement to which higher or lower plane they will ascend to. Spirits only have a certain amount of time in that plane.

An ascended spirit is one that has been to judgement and has chosen the medium to help them cross over from the earth plane to the destination that was presented to them. Ascended spirits can communicate with the mediums usually get told how the story of the way they died went. This helps the medium understand what they went through. Spirit whether dark or light is given the gift of empathy. That is the mediums main job is to show empathy towards the spirit it helps them cross over into the light. That is truly what this journey is all about. Empathy is the greatest gift of all. It is how we can truly show love to all. The light truly cannot survive with out the darkness and cannot come forth to justice.

In Loving Memory of Lucas Jacob Hubbard


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