Animal spirit totems, in a 3 dimensional world, is our medicine. The properties of each animal is there to help heal our mind, body, and soul. They also teach us lessons spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally. They are our energetic patterns. They show up in our life when we need to re-evaluate the situation we are currently in.

They can show up in many forms. They can show up in our dreams at night when we sleep, they can show up as an actual animal, they can appear as an image, sign, or photo. However they appear to you can also indicate many things about your situation as well. So how can you tell what your spirit totem is? If one is constantly showing up in your reality no matter how it may appear would be considered your animal totem.

Then to further your understanding of them you need to understand what kind of animal it is and what kinds of properties the animal holds. To find the properties one quick way I look up what their meaning is by Googling, for example if my spirit animal is a wolf…. I Google Wolf Totem and up pops the meaning of what a wolf totem would represent the kind of medicine we need to see for ourselves. Just like how you would interpret a dream. If one does not have the Internet meditate on these following questions below.

So then you would need to understand why they are there and how do you do that? To understand the why, you need to ask yourself: What is my current situation? What am I continuously contemplating over whether it be a worry, a relationship, financial crisis, spiritual crisis, emotional crisis, you need to break down this energy? What makes me feel this way?

Then you need to ask yourself how can I benefit from this animal totem. For example what can it offer me? How can I use this animal totem to help me with my development and understanding of self? So then you need to go back to their properties and revisit what medicine they hold. For example one of my animal spirit totems is a black panther. How I figured out how it benefits me is when I looked back at every time I saw a Black Panther in my life and I realized wow, this panther showed up to me in dream, showed up to me on my friends purse, showed up to me on the sidewalk at night time and each time it appeared to me the relationship I was involved in at the time was toxic. It was to the point that it hurt me and my financial situation every time. So now the benefit is whenever this animal appears in my life I will realize this person is toxic and it may benefit me to stay away from them. Panthers are protective energy. They will protect me from toxic relationships.

You can do this with all kinds of other symbolism that shows up in your reality and you can always break down the energy in this fashion. Understanding the what, why, how, and when. It is so helpful and so important when these clues pop up over and over again to take a look. Things are not always what they seem to be. Animals are pure. They will never steer you wrong. You can always count on them to be your guides. May the light shine brightly in your pathway.


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