One of the most common questions I get asked all the time is how do I contact my spirit guides. You have to remember that spirit is energy and making contact with spirit is a special gift. With a special gift comes mindful responsibility. We all have a connection to our loved ones who have passed over. We have a connection to our soul tribe. Our soul tribe is also in spirit form as well as physical form. The first way you can make contact is just by asking out loud who all is here and to make their presence known. When you first begin to make a communication channel a line becomes open for response. You can say this out loud or to yourself, you can write a paper note for them to see, you can use a spirit box device, you can also use a tape recorder, or an emf (electromagnetic field) reader for response vibrations. What happens when you create a communication line you open yourself and your energy needs to expand to receive a direct response or contact. You do not want to have a contracted posture to make connection to spirit.

The a very important rule of thumb when making contact with spirit is you need to understand when you are speaking and communicating to spirit they sound of love because they love you and they want to guide you. It is the same thing as being in a healthy relationship with someone who makes you feel uplifted instead of drained. If you are feeling drained by a spirit you have made contact with a spirit that does not have the best intentions for you and is probably and negative spirit or a trixter type energy. So we use the term discernment when recognizing what feels and sounds like love and what does not. This is absolutely crucial.

To begin making a deeper connection to spirit meditation is key. Meditation develops your psychic abilities and your third eye chakra. Your third eye chakra is the all seeing eye which holds your clairvoyant abilities. Your throat chakra is your communication or expression. These two chakras combined are powerful with connection to spirit. When you begin your meditation practice you do not want to open the third eye first. You get to know your chakras starting with root chakra. You sit with each chakra for a month in meditation. Then move up to sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, crown chakra. Reason being it makes your transition a lot smoother and the energy won’t feel so harsh when you open your third eye. There are 7 main energy centers in your aura body field. Opening and activating these chakras will help you become more open to energy around you both positive and negative. So the more you meditate the more your chakras and your awareness expands so you can communicate into different realms and dimensions with spirit. You become more sensitive to their energy. You are a multidimensional spiritual being having a human experience. Vital to your understanding to what kind of energy is out there.

You also want to be able to connect your heart and mind together when focusing in the spirit realm. Your heart will speak to you so you can see what love feels like and your mind will guide you towards the energy that feels like love. You do not want to be fully submerged in their world. You want to remain fully present in your reality and stay grounded as much as possible when connecting to spirit on a regular basis. You want to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and take care of yourself and priorities first. You want to remain in balance in both worlds.

Lastly, it helps to keep centered in your energy before you connect to spirit so you can expand your energy outward but also center yourself. Centering yourself means clearing your mind to help the connection to spirit. When you have a clear mind you will be able to understand more of the message that is coming through. This will help them reach out to you more effectively. Once you are finished connecting you need to disconnect to their energy. You need to have boundaries when connecting to spirit. They cannot keep bothering you with messages or trying to constantly make contact with you and they can get overly excited to communicate. So setting up time frames help. I do not suggest office hours. I suggest time frames. This way it allows you to have a specific time set for them to come through and you can open it back up whenever you want or feel guided to do so. Always be true to yourself and remember that if it doesn’t sound like love it is not of spirit. Intuition is the best tool to use when opening yourself up to spirit energy. I always keep it in mind to treat others the way they would want to be treated only because spirit can really help you out in times of needs. That is where you get your best ideas. Spirit is truly a blessing to work with in my life and I highly suggest getting in touch with this side of yourself.

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