Starseed Forecast February 2019

January kicked off with a bang and all the planets went direct all at the same time around January 17th-21st. This started a fast manifestation process. Our ascended masters and guides worked very hard to keep us in line. January a lot of starseeds went into hibernation mode. We processed our inner most challenges and shortcomings. Many of us succeeded and pushed through. Some of us are still in hibernation. January was a time for deep reflection of our past. 2019 is an ending cycle number. It is completion. It represents our time on earth of our past limitations coming to an end. This brings about new beginnings and a newly cycled through energy into our integration. Some of us are slow movers and you are now being pushed to new heights. This calls in for a higher channel of information for us to download.

Most of you are meeting new guides now. These guides will help take you through some deep processed, repressed inner emotional turmoil. What is so important about going into 5D consciousness is our thought patterns. These patterns of old disgruntled, limiting emotions are what is holding us truly back from our ascension process. If you have met a new guide they are to take you through these heavy viscous cycling thought forms. Each thought forms create self fulfilling prophecies. In turn if these thoughts aren’t brought into the light they will cycle through each individual chakra. What happens when they cycle through is the energy becomes stagnant and potentially builds in shadow form. Cleaning out these thoughts and transmuting them will help keep your space and your chakras clean.

With February and Valentine’s Day approaching thought form clearing helps personal relationship patterns. If you are struggling in the love department this could be indicated from a stuck thought or belief that is constantly cycled through your consciousness. Be wary of your dreams at this time. Your dreams will indicate what is stuck for you and what is open. Your dreams will actually begin to show you the many thoughts you hold and how they play out in your subconscious. This type of energy works around the clock. It is a never ending process. Search for the silver lining and read between the lines. February can show you many starseed contracts that are still lingering in your soul.

It is written in the stars where your cosmic contracts lie. Not only can the stars show you where you come from in the cosmos they also show you where you originate down on the earth plane. What goes up must come down and what comes down eventually goes back up. It is all movable energy like in a Rolodex. It rotates like a floating portal and it spins with each passing thought. So when it stops it is profound and you need to be able to understand where it comes from.

The most potent energy to be looked at this time is coming from The Lyran council, Arcturian High Council, Orion seeds will be able to explore their creativity on many levels, Cassiopeia will be sharing more truths, and Pleiadians are very busy at work to help shift the energies from up there to back down to the earth plane. With all these energies working together they can begin to pull you deeper into your self. With the alignment of the planets that went direct in January and these main potent energies can help shape a shift into Christ Consciousness. Many of you will actually receive a lot of potential upgrades with deep self work.

The cosmos are guiding you into your bright future so now is a good time to tap into abundance unblocking. By aligning these energies into your chakra system from the cosmos to the human soul you will be able to remove all the build up and create something so exceptional that may be your legacy. These energies are so strong. They can ignite your deepest passions. When combined and as specific as each star system is, it will spin you very quickly into your souls purpose. We are here to guide you along the way to be the best starseed you can be.

Complete your mission starseed now is your time. The force is strong for you now may your light shine. To infinity and beyond.