January February 2019 – Visions

The biggest vision I had in January. Lately, I have been seeing top secret things that are classified information. January was really big on that. Stuff I can’t talk about. I had a lot of dreams during this month regarding my grandfather and the war. I have been having a lot of past life dreams come up. Usually around 5 am in the morning I start having them. I have been dreaming a lot about the 60’s, I had a past life as a nun, I had a dream about my great grandmother Katherine who I am named after and her 9 kids. By February I had a really important vision. This was actually a premonition. I had a beautiful vision of the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Now in a past life I am Aphrodite but this vision is Goddess of LOVE and BEAUTY. This vision she showed off shaking her butt at me with what looks like a planet she was holding. A week later I met this woman online her name is Cleopatra Love on Facebook. She does Kryst Clearings and this is also one of my services now. I have been working with her for a couple weeks now. OMG she changed my life. I had her do a Kryst Clearing for me and she taught them to me. So this is actually a new service I added. I can do them as well now. Let me tell you something these are so legit its amazing. I have been trying to have this done since I had my awakening. POWERFUL stuff right here. She is incredible. Her high self is GODDESS OF LOVE AND BEAUTY. My energy feels so free now. I am still clearing but things are so much better. Out of all the other healings this was the most effective. I have also managed to clear up my abundance and now all it is, is a matter of training my brain to think abundantly. I feel so amazing! This was a powerful premonition I had and I am so happy to be blessed with this gift. I also got several confirmations from her regarding everything that I had been experiencing and more. In between that time I had a dream about working in a lab with Tesla. This was more on the story with my grandfather. Today I received letters from grandma and grandpa when I was little we used to hand write letters back and forth. I got a huge confirmation. I actually now can get rid and banish non benevolent extraterrestrials that are invading our personal space and integration. I am working on a way to begin to help others do this as well. As soon as I figure out how to do this it will be a thing. February has brought many blessings. I can now do things that I never thought were possible. Hopefully these amazing visions will keep transpiring great things to come.