Starseed Forecast for March 2019

Retrograde this month is from March 5th to March 28th we are smack dab in the middle of it. Retrograde is a time where everything seems to get a bit chaotic. It has been nuts and I haven’t even begun this months forecast because that is how busy I have been making my starseed rounds. Mercury Rules communication, contracts, automobiles, intellect, reason, language, and the mind. When retrograde is in season the planet moves in a reverse motion and slows rotation down. So it creates havoc around the planet earth. So already Facebook and Instagram had been down for a day and people went crazy. I got into a small fender bender and it was not my fault. I am also trying to get this small business going. It’s been very difficult. I am waiting to sign an Independant Contract until after retrograde is over.

Recently some of you have felt that you have been in a stand still motion. Like you have not been progressing, this is because of retrograde. Retrograde made it so interesting this time around because you could not hibernate. Things happened and will shift everything into motion. So if you started a big project before this time like I did in January your intentions wth your project if they were positive will be rewarding. If you were down and out about your project it will be destructive. Always when big events happen cosmically set good intentions with your endeavors.

This cycle in March will take you to different heights. If you have developed a strong meditation routine you will begin to really kick your clear sight into action. I have been watching my friends partake in this. Crystals are your friends when it comes to visionary enlightenment. They are tools to help expand your consciousness. They helped me tremendously ignite my true spirit and visionary quest. Speaking of quests, if you are in tune with yourself you will at the end of March be sent on a spiritual quest. This will help kick start finding your purpose. This is what is so special about this retrograde. You cannot hide from the world anymore Starseed. Your passions are calling to you now. Find and conquer.

Health wise, this last few months cause of Flu season we have been getting hit hard with illness. We are more subseptable to energy that can cause us to become ill. A lot of us Starseeds are Heyoka empaths and we suck all kinds of energy into our system naturally. It is not our fault. Our gifts are strong and recognizable to unwanted and unnatural energies. So I would highly suggest along with your meditation to develop a strong energy shield and grounding routine. Shielding will help you bounce off the negative energies and ground will help you cleanse yourself and dump the unwanted energies.

The starseed energies that are most prominent in helping with this retrograde are Sirians especially dark skin Sirians are very helpful with removing harmful energies in our systems. They have extreme advance technology. Their ships are fully equipped the design level is out of this world. This was by far one of the coolest ships I have ever seen. I have also had assistance with light skinned Sirians from Sirius A. They help our bodies when we are ill. I have been sick since the beginning of March and I am just now getting over it. He spent all night with me and gave me healing energy and my chest infection was not as bad as it was going to be. The other star beings you will be hearing from are the Blue Avians are making a come back. I have been seeing their ship sticker all over the place and they have more secrets to share. The Golden Council of Casseiopians will appear more towards the end of March helping tie the energies together after retrograde. At the end of this month you will be able to connect more with your ancestors of the stars and star beings. More energy will be known soon.

Keep on moving Starseed. Don’t quit now. Find out more. Map Your Stars. To Infinity and Beyond. UNITE