When you connect to source what does it look like to you? To me it looks like rainbow soft clouds made of cotton candy and your flying through the different colored clouds. You reach this purple cloud, and up in the distance you make your way through it on your magick carpet ride. You begin to go through this golden gate and when the white light clears you see a rainbow castle in the background. That is where source is located for myself in my eyes. It can be many different things for many other people. Source is the ultimate version of you. It is where your higher knowledge comes from. You access this higher knowledge through your pineal gland in the third eye. Crown chakra is associated with the color purple. Your crown chakra opens up when you are connected to source. This is where your white light originates from. You pull it in from source. Your pulling in from that rainbow castle in the sky and the heavens.

I was 13 and I had back surgery. It was bad scoliosis and I was under the knife for 14 hours on the operating table. I had the most amazing out of body experience I have ever had. I have been astral projecting since I was 5 years old. I didn’t know what I was doing until 2013. I came across astral projection when I first awakened. When I was under the dream scape had me climb a mountain that was so windy and tall in the sky going up to the clouds. I was in a white carriage with white horses and there was this dark brown carriage with black stallion horses following me. There were two cherubs that were driving the carriage I was in. Later came to find out that in the brown carriage was Beezlebub. I made it throught the clouds. We lept off the side of the mountain I went through this golden gate. Light shown through. Out came a pegusus horse rainbow color. Later came to find out his name is Allister and he is a version of Arch Angel Michael, also found out later on that this has everything to do with Aphrodite who was visited on the beach by a Pegasus horse. This to me is pure of source.

The other version of source is also your highest form of self of the highest good. This is your receiving side. When you are connected to your high self the information that is downloaded to you flows freely. There is no margin for mistakes. Your ego is out of the way and you are flowing within the energy of your physical body. We have multiple bodies, We have 12 bodies of the unified heart. Oversoul, christ oversoul, emotional, mental, physical, astral etc…. Each of these bodies encompass our high self. It is the most sovereign piece of you. Most light workers and starseeds are angelic and alien or some high form of light being that our energy matches. When the energy matches it is most prominent in our knowledge and ancestral Tree of Life. Some of us don’t start out as a light being. Some of us are of the highest knowledge, and we start out as a geometric shape. This shape gets broken down to fragments of souls bodies. Each DNA strand we ignite we become closer to our purest form.

Now to connect to high self, ask yourself daily questions begin having a conversation with yourself. Ask yourself how you are feeling. See what emotions come up from that side of you. This is the quickest way to start to begin to tune into this body. You can also use high vibrational crystals to help with this like clear or cracked quarts, and selenite. You have to meditate to find yourself. The Kryst clearings I do connect you directly to masculine and feminine energy. So when you start doing them yourself you get immediately connected and you can stay connected this way. When you ultimately relax your body you can be connected with your inner highest self. You need to also expand your energy you will not be able to hear your inner self when your energy is contracted. Be open, be wise, stay connected.

To Infinity and Beyond Starseed UNITE! Lightworkers!


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