So with great relief Retrograde went direct on March 28th. Everything is now our own fault again. LOL. A couple things I want to go over this next time period. April is a time for deep reflection. April is also the season for abundance. The beginning of the spring Equinox is a bountiful time for abundance because plants begin to bloom, the weather gets nicer, and people start to come out from winter hybernation time. Easter is a good time to begin to manifest what you would like to bring into your family, home, and good positive vibrations. In Pagan tradition it is Ostara which is on the Spring Equinox. In Christian tradition we celebrate Jesus Christ resurrection and it marks the last day of Lent. Lent is all about detachment and sacrificing something that we over indulge in. It is supposed to be rewarding at the end of 40 days. Thou shall always practice detachment even when it is not Lent. Now is a good time to focus on brining in good luck, money attraction, prosperity, and wish manifesting.

Spring reminds me of color. Spring is also rebirthing and renewing climate change from being cold and dreary to flowers and sunny. New energies are cycling through. I would incorporate color therapy into helping you begin to over come fears. Remember your fears are a reflection of you. What triggers you stems from fears. Go into self find out what you are afraid of and work on them day by day. Use colors to help release those fears. You can do this with emotion as well. Think of the fear what does it make you feel like? What does it do to you physically? How does this fear hold you back? Bring in the opposite color. Fear would be dark colors negative colors like black, brown, merky green, even red if anger is associated with the fear. Pull in the opposite color. Calm the fear. Candles would be great to help you locate fears and to use for color therapy. Raise your vibrations!

Now would be a good time for you to begin your meditation practice starseeds. Some of you have been slacking. Go into your repressed emotions this spring. See what you can rebirth! You may actually find more peace. In order to heal we have to look at ourselves. If we are not feeling our feelings, and if we are not understanding our emotions, and feeling theses aspects of self, we are not doing enough self work. Healing is crusial for the human physical body. When we heal our emotional self our physical body heals any pain and any ailments. Emotions are totally tied to physical body pain. Doing yoga outside which is incredibly grounding, will also ease and release emotions, and body pain. It will do you some good.

As for diving deeper into ourselves connnect more with your starseed origins. Find some inner truths. Find the star that sings to your heart. Which one are you most drawn to. Start Here Starseed. Connnect with the energy of that star. Go explore what does it look like to you? How does this make you feel? I had to feel loss first when connecting to my home star. I missed home so badly it is a dull ache. Now since I can connect to my true origins, and I feel out their energies, I am not as homesick. You may begin to have some wild experiences connecting to your galactic energies. Just stay grounded and connected to Mother Earth at the same time. When you are grounded you can have more energy to explore. That is why during this time it is good for you to begin to venture outside.

The energies that can begin to unfold for you this spring are Andromeda, Pleideians and you may even begin to see both Pleideian types, light and dark skin, Orion vibrations, Sirian energies espeically associated from Vega. Mantis beings, and even Virgo related energies like Spicans. If you are a spican starseed and you have an experience with that energy you are a rare seed. Spring is going to give you some rare occurrences because of the energies that are at play here. This is a powerful time for you to develop your spiritual side. I suggest using it wisely.

GO DEEP Starseed. To Infinity and Beyond!