When we think of Pleiades we think of Greek Mythology. I am going to give you an even greater understanding. None of this false light worker stuff that does not make any sense. I am here to break this down for you. Atlas was the first to create the celestial sphere and astronomy. Atlas is first King of Atlantis. Atlas is son to Zues equivalent Uranus, equivalent Father Sky. Zues is the personification of Sky and also the bull. The Pleiades are on the constellation Taurus. So naturally Zues’s son would create the cosmos.  Some of the dreams I have had about Atlas are my absolute, really, some of my favorite dreams.

Atlas and his brother Menoetius sided with The Titans during the war against the Olympians. They were defeated and then confined. Zues commanded Atlas to stand at the western edge of Earth and hold up the sky. Atlas is the embodiment of the axis of which the heavens revolve.

Atlas daughters are Hesperides, “Nymphs” or sea Nymphs. Equivalent to The Seven Sirens of the sea. They guard the golden apples. These apples are also connected to Aphrodite. Hesperus is equivalent to Planet Venus known as the evening star. Hesperus is also equivalent to Goddess Nyx and her consort Erebus. Thus these nymphs are known as The Seven Sisters of Pleiades.

So now that I have broken down some mythology for you, lets explain what starseed Pleiadians do. Starseed Pleiadians are both light skinned and dark skinned. They have very defined features. When you see them it is like you view them as if they are in HD. Pleiadians are worker bees. They have an incredible work ethic. They help shape planet Earth in our physical development. What changes up there changes down here. They help reconstruct our planet. They are family oriented. There are some false Pleiadian traits listed but the one thing that was right, they do everything with their heart.

They are incredibly some of the most sensitive humans I have ever met. They love so freely. They are so very kind and know exactly what to say. Pleiadian starseed humans are extremely loyal. They have a very caring heart and give so much that it is easy for them to be taken advantage of. They are subjected to vampiric energy more often because they are such a strong beacon of light. Starseed Pleiadians have a very intense power to them so gradually they attract and gravitate negative energy to them. Its like a magnet light draws it to us. Pleiadians often fall short of being assertive because they are so loving, kind, and giving. This can take much practice for us to establish good boundaries. They are extremely knowledgeable and can think fast on their feet. They find interests and strong interests in the spiritual work as humans are capable of. Because of their intense energy they are subjected to dream more and lucid dream. They are ambitious and free spirited individuals. You will never encounter a hard or cold starseed Pleiadian human. This energy is so incredibly special to behold. So much knowledge is available.

GO BE OF LIGHT Pleiadian Starseed To Infinity and Beyond.



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