Sirius constellation is a triangular grouping of stars located directly eastbound from Orion constellation. From the belt draw a line to the brightest star in the sky Vega to Canis Major, equivalent It is known as a white dwarf star. Vega is known to be Arch Angel Ariel’s star. It is on the Summer Triangle. It is the brightest star in the sky. Esoterically, traveling to this star it looks like a beach. It reminds me of Bay Watch. It is incredibly peaceful, full of love, and lots of wildlife.

Within the constellation there is also Sirius B, equivalent to Procyon, equivalent to Canis Minor. It is known for the Eye of Horus. The Goddess who the ancient Egyptians worshiped in a red dress, is also Sirius B and the red dwarf star. Her name is Sopdet. Her son is Horus and her consort was Orion, equivalent to Sah, equivalent to Osiris. Dog companion named Sirius which is how Sirius got its name. Sirius B, esoterically speaking, is very colorful, full of life, Moroccan spirit like.

On the third end of the triangle is Sirius C, equivalent to Betelgeuse which is directly North, across the belt, from Rigel on the Orion the Hunter constellation. This part of the winter triangle is the opposite of Sirius B. It is calm, peaceful, energy just like Sirius A, but it is more like a city. Here it is family oriented, musically enlightened, harmonized energy. Colors are blue and green, esoterically speaking, even though it is a redder star. It is the second brightest star in the constellation Orion.

There are many classes of Sirians in a semi hierarchy fashion. There are humanoid Sirians that are both light skinned and dark skinned. There are also many different Sirian light beings. They arrange from all different shapes and sizes. They have extremely advanced technology. Some of the neatest ships I have ever seen. Sirians are benevolent and kind beings. What is so special about these ships can be contacted through beats, music, and sound. Sound waves travel. Beats make an impact or a vibration in the stratosphere. There has been some nights when I have Sirians near me and I hear music for 10 minutes straight before going to bed. That’s how they let me know they are with me.

Human Sirian Starseeds, humans on earth walk to the beat of their own drum. They are spontaneous and fun. They call truth to action. They put forth heart into passion. They struggle with expressing emotions and have repressed emotions. This is due to their past history in war time, struggle, and oppression. They generally have a calm demeanor and more earth and water zodiac signs. They teach history and love story telling. They are very symbolic in nature. They have a very complex psyche and everything can be broken down for them into energy that is easy for them to understand. They can find peace in healing their emotional well being. Sirian humans are very dream like and day dream often. In order to help the emotional turmoil of feelings and the rollercoaster they need to keep grounded and centered to Mother Earth it helps the transition into ascension for them to ease. They can be extremely open to energies and susceptible because of this. Keeping focused on the task at hand and not well into the future, staying present, keeps them at a good pace in life. They succeed more in doing so.

Keep on trucking Sirian Starseed…. You have come a long way. To Infinity and Beyond.

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