What are dreams? Dreams are the window to our soul. Each dream is very important insight to who we are as both spiritually beings and physically as humans. Most people say they do not dream. This is not the case at all. People dream and have out of body experiences at night. They just do not recall or have the memory capacity to remember what they did at night. Sometimes dreams, when they are hard to recall, often come back during the day in the form of a waking dream which is when you are physically aware. They can also come back in silent meditation. Sometimes in meditation you can be lucid when contemplating the dream or you will not be lucid. The presence of the dream can be held in your minds eye and it will feel like you had an acid trip or a day dream. The contemplation of the dreams energy can bring the dream awareness back to your physical self.

When we dream it takes a while for the energy to enter into our physical self. Same goes for out of body experiences. An out of body experience is when your consciousness is projected out and you feel as if you are floating in another atmosphere or dimension in reality of space and time. The scenery changes often and it is like a flipped world that is turned upside down. The astral plane is the closest plane to the Earth’s surface. This is our dumping ground. This is where we play. This is the in-between space, time, dimension, and reality. There are many layers and dimensions as we are multi dimensional spiritual beings having a human experience. So naturally these short miniature projections do not last very long. They are very lucid and you can control what you are doing at this point. The reason why you do not have a long time is because your a physical human living in a 3D world. You cannot project your energy out for very long. We do not have 100% of our energy with us at all times. If we did, we would not be physically present in the Earth’s atmosphere.

As our energy breaks down in these realms we can see the infinite wonders of ourself. We can break energy as far down as we want to. There are no limitations in ourselves. Dream symbols are things that stand out to you in your dreams. They are things that are so profound that it sticks out to you the most. Visualization and imagination will help you lucid dream. Visualization is everything. It widens our awareness and our perceptions. Spend a while with one object. Like money for example, visualize in your minds eye a $1 bill. Keep that in your minds eye before you fall asleep and put it on repeat. I guarantee you will dream about money and keep doing this every night until you do. As there are many methods to lucid dreaming this is one example so you have to find what best fits you.

As far as dream symbolism goes, you cannot expect to be right every time you begin to decode dream messages. Reason why is because so many things mean so many things in dream world. As with dream symbols their meanings have to stand out to you as well. For instance, I dream about babies a lot, most of the time new born babies mean rebirth, they can also mean helplessness, and vulnerability. So take what you are experiencing in waking life and apply it to the dream you had and bam! There is your message!

Happy Decoding Earthlings … … … To Infinity and Beyond ** Keep a Dream Journal

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