The age old question that is constantly asked to me on a daily basis…. What can you do with meditation and how do you meditate? Meditation is everything. It is the ultimate key to inside your reality and to what makes you, well, you. There is no limits when going within yourself. You can meditate in any way that makes you most comfortable and most of the time it doesn’t even have to be with your eyes closed. Going within is a sure fire acknowledgement into healing our mind, body, and soul. It can be a walking meditation outside in nature, it can be coloring in a coloring book or simply drawing peacefully, working on art, shower meditation, listening to music, or taking a hot bath. You also do not have to be in an upright position. Normally, standard protocol is back up straight in the Lotus position or equally Shatki name Padmasana position. Palms up means for receiving, palms down is for grounding. However, you can also lay down, sit in your favorite chair, or use a pillow. I used to use a pillow up against the wall I struggled a long time with the feeling of energy breathing down my neck in that position.

A few things start to happen when you begin to go inside yourself and develop a regular meditation habit. A habit can be developed in 21 days. There are negative habits and positive habits. I enjoy my nightly routine of yoga and meditation. I come home from work get into my pjs, make my calming tea, bring my pillow, and my stuffed animals with me, light incense, usually a half hour of yoga, and sometimes up to an hour of meditation or more.  I use whatever makes me feel comfortable.

Now there are a few things you need to make note of while in meditation. Thoughts come up in meditation and is usually the first thing. I get asked how do you calm your thoughts and quiet your mind. Absolutely number one thing that helped me is the focus on breath, breathing deeply, and controlled breath. Counting also helps in breathing deeply. Inhale count of four and hold for two, exhale count of four hold for  two. Repeat process until this settles the mind. When I first started it was so very loud. I am also a telepath so everything I was picking up on wanted to come through. Binaural beats also help. Beware of songs. You want to really focus on breath if songs start to come through. I had Justin Timberlake stuck in my head for three weeks one time. LOL sometimes things like that happens. You also want to make note of the colors that begin to pop up in third eye but not focus on this for very long. Reason why you will begin to see these patterns of color which indicate which chakra is most active in your energy. These colors are your energy. Once you get familiar with them just let them do their thing. Eventually those colors will turn into lucid images in your minds eye. Especially if you develop a regular practice.

Now the next thing that is important during meditation is intention and mindfulness. A couple things here to be aware of thoughts make or break your reality. So whatever you are thinking about will come up in meditation. If your having negative thoughts come through you will experience a negative meditation and vice versa.  I notice this in myself all the time. If I am in a bad mood all day my meditation will be more negative. I am also lucid in my third eye so I will experience negative images. Thoughts can also create energy. They are also self fulfilling prophecies. Meditation will help you let go of the negative mind also known as “The Monkey Mind.” Be mindful of thoughts and your awareness will expand.

Intentions will create your magick. Your intentions will take you places. If you want to unblock your energy because you feel stuck or stagnant set an intention for it in meditation to find and locate the area that you feel stuck. Ask for those feelings to come up. Then unlock those feelings. Once you begin to unlock the feelings ask yourself if you are ready to release them. You will notice a difference in how you feel. If you intend to have a spiritual experience in meditation you will do so as well. If you want to create a meditation for a past life regression you will set the intention to do so and just allow the thoughts and the feelings come through. Make note what time period you are in, who you were, how did you die, and what you did. You will begin to gain more insight as to who you are. As these steps are all vital into discovering who we are as individuals.


Create Your Reality Starseed and Expand Your Mind …. To Infinity and Beyond



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