May 2019 was a really intense month. I haven’t even begin to write the forecast for that month. I completely missed out my apologies. It was so hectic. I also went through some really tough emotions this month. An angry phase and things with my Divine Counterpart. I cleared so much energy out it was ridiculous. It needed to be done. It is probably why I was on the brink of terminating my business completely. Then I gained hope towards the end of the month. I did cancel everything and then began to restart it and I am still slowly in the working process of doing it all again. So lets say the month of May was a roller coaster.

I had a very special visitation this last month from the Lyran council. They helped me clear this energy. Since the beginning of my awakening I have been experiencing the same things every night. Round and around. I kept seeing this overshadowing type figure that looked alien like in my third eye. I keep clearing this energy and this particular energy would seem to restore itself and come back every night. The same process would repeat.

I would hear these wall snaps that was not the house because these snaps would be rhythmic like and they would be intense vibrations and I would be startled. I would receive these morbid images while going to bed. However, I learned if I am suspended on one side of my body, I would not get those images in hypnagogic stage, and I would have pleasant dreams. If I received those images I would have nightmares all night. It was awful for years. I couldn’t ever figure out why. Then this build up energy in my third eye made it better for me to process what it could be.

I found out it was a hybrid. It was half mantis and half grey alien. I had a dream and I kid you not, I was on the beach with Justin Bieber and his wife Haley. He was speaking Spanish to me and I heard him say a name “Caufious” reminded me of The Matrix and Sense 8. I asked for it to be cleared by name and it worked. A lot of the morbid images died down, I do not see half as much at night, and a lot of the bad dreams died down, so did the wall snaps.

Now I am still experiencing other things happening at night but oh my good Lord. It is 1000 times plus better. It is so much more quieter. I have yet to figure out what some things are but I will continue. The worst of the energy is gone and that was my main focus last month.

So now most of you have been learning new things spiritually. You are deeply connecting to your gifts in new ways. I have begun to see this with my friends I am teaching and it is working for them as it is me. The clearings are phenomenal.  You can really connect to yourself and the Akashic records in no time. It takes less energy to clear when your connected to your eternal self.

Some of you experienced some really intense spiritual nights as well. You have to begin to really break that energy down. I have seen so much Lyran energy lately. They have been really busy. Arcturians have been helping us and guiding us through our dimensional travels and understanding the solar system at large. There have been a few exciting sightings through the Milky Way right now. Pleidians, the worker bees, have been helping us harness our energies and to fully ignite our inner power especially with workings of the heart. They have been helping us combine the heart and the mind together so we can see clearer, brighter, futures ahead. Andromedans are expanding our technologies so we can communicate faster, better, and more efficient. So much more to come and to look forward to.

Enjoy this exciting time Starseed. … Your future is bright shining light >>

To Infinity And Beyond.