We start with the basic laws of the universe. Where there is dark there is light and light cannot survive without the dark. Back to basics and Hermetics. The Law of Polarity everything has an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, light and dark, negative and positive, north and south, plus and minus, are all made up of our natural thoughts. For example “I love you,” is generally a positive thought. “I hate you,” is a negative thought. Love generally emits positive frequency vibrational energy that can generally beat down the negative. Hate is such a strong negative force that it drains energy and creates a toxic environment.

When you feel beaten down by negative energy keep your thoughts in check because thoughts make us vulnerable. This is how negative energy can get in. When you feel yourself reeling and also spiraling down hill you are in a negative mind set. If you are in a positive mind set things are better for you. You generally are not in control of yourself if you are in a positive mind frame. When you are controlling your environment you are not allowing the universe to guide you, you are in then a negative mind frame. When you are not using your intuition it is causing negative set backs in your life. Allow energies to flow. What goes up must come down and what goes around comes around.

Thought patterns can make or break our reality and what we are manifesting. Say we want to manifest abundance in our life but right now we are financially incapable of anything. We try and try and try to manifest but nothing seems to be working. Well there is a reason for this. We are in a negative thought pattern to manifest abundance. We are literally stopping the universal abundant flow of energy into our lives because we are cycling through the same thoughts.

Changing our thoughts and our thought patterns can make us unstuck in life. This is critical for going into 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Otherwise we will not progress. This is generally where I see people begin to fall short because they do not know how to begin. They do but they just don’t do it or not motivated to. It took me a long time to understand this. Also it takes a long time to develop a peace of mind. So do not worry if this is you, everything can be reversed, and you can unblock yourself. I started rigorously teaching myself how to unblock myself when I moved into my new home. I made it a priority for myself. So I could move forward in life and it seems to be working.

Now I am going to tell you the how. The divine imprint of a mystic is unwinding the thoughts in our core energy because as a mystic we are capable of handling all kinds of energy at the same time. We use our thoughts to decipher and discern negative and positive. So how do we change them? Energy is both internal and external. Internally we have our self at our highest sovereignty also known as our eternal self. In an earlier blog I posted about how to begin to access our highest self. So to change these thoughts we reverse the negative effects. If I am thinking “I hate my life nothing is going right and I can’t move forward.” I can quite literally go in and ask my eternal self to help raise the vibrations of the thoughts. Affirmations do this but for me it takes an extra emphasis so asking my eternal self to raise the vibrations of it so it matches my manifestations is more effective. If you are using affirmations and not believing them then it negates affirmations and cancels out.

So simply ask your eternal self “I call upon eternal self please raise the vibration of the thought pattern, I hate my life nothing is going right and I can’t move forward, to I am flowing with the abundance of the universe and I am feeling fulfilled in my life.” When you raise the vibration of the thought pattern it holds and it sticks. You begin to change your frame of mind. This is also how you un-manifest and manifest in your life.

Change the Vibration and Be Wild Starseed for your Dreams are yours >>>>

To Infinity and Beyond …


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