June kicked off in good spirits and hope for a brighter future. After clearing the energy out in May other energy trickled in but I do feel that it is left over energy from what we have suppressed in our subconscious. I do feel that spirit is showing us more or less what needs to be cleared out now. 2019 is halfway over at this point. We are merging into 5th Dimensional Consciousness. But June is not exactly over yet.

We hit some low points from May to June. We had to back track some. We had to face some of our fears, angers, resentments, and build up of energy overtime. A lot of things came to light in our pastures. We are on middle ground territory. Most of us are allowing our energies to settle into ourselves now and we are beginning to stay grounded. Energy gets upset when we do not look deep enough into ourself. We are being challenged here. This is where it gets tricky.

A lot of us are still trying to figure this stuff out. We are getting new experiences and heavier experiences at night time. Yet the energy seems to be throwing us curves. We do not seem to be doing enough at this point and this is why. So we are paying others for readings and trying to decipher through the energy that is our own. When we in fact can do this all on our own.

So where do we go from here, how do we begin to understand this energy? Moving forward…. Think of it like you are in a video game and you are the main player. Your going through these quests and you are getting stronger mana as you go. And you find the treasure in every quest and you unlock it and get keys. Up ahead is the big bad monster that you have to fight in order to get the treasure. That monster is depicted as the suppressed energy in our psyche. Whether it be an old “mean girl” from high school, an ex boy friend, a tiff with your mom and dad, or something that you have been putting off, looking at, and understanding both sides. Our psyches right now are pulling this energy up in our dreams and our sleep. This has been so therapeutic for myself.

We need to understand this energy in order to change our thoughts. Some of this suppressed energy has in fact been holding us back from our truest potential. So what starseed energies can we use to help us with these transmutations you ask? Pleiades is usually associated with King Neptune and Atlantis which to me symbolizes emotions especially due to Antalean energy. Pleidians can help us raise the vibrations of our emotional energy to help shape it in a positive manner. Sirians have a way of transmuting the dark into light with the flick of the wrist. It doesn’t take much for them to understand empathy, they also will help heal the dark parts of your inner turmoil and conflict. The Lyran’s have a way of understanding the system of control. They can help us remove the mental blocks, and confusion in understanding both sides to every situation. These energies together can help us move forward in the 5th Dimension and being our most authentic selves.

Stay True to Your Authentic Self Starseed… Release the Past in Order to Move Forward >>>> To Infinity and Beyond ✨✨ UNITE