This information is top notch because I had assistance with remembering parts of home that I had forgotten as this part of my memory was blocked. This information is incredibly special and my most favorite.

Spican seeds are a very rare seed. There are less than a 1,000 of us on earth. This is not the same as the Star formation on Virgo as the brightest star on that constellation which I believe is connected as an offset subsidiary weigh station as my guides put it. We are the originals this is purely the beginning process in consciousness. Why do you think the Egyptian pyramids were built under the Orion Star constellation? …. My theory is because of Spica which is a nebula formation behind Mintaka, Orion which is the third star on the right. Spica is an original gateway into the Heavens itself. It is home it will always be home and home for shall it always be. This is where my heart hurt the most when I first woke up to these energy systems.

Spica is a portal planet, so the way the Earth sees Spica is more like a nebula through a telescope. Orion is in three depths of consciousness and connected to Spica but doesn’t hold that depth structure or is not the same energy in consciousness but are close in relation. They essentially balance out each other and create a strong force in our universe. There is liquefiable portal energy so that means the way it is broken down; there is a portal going into the planet only, a portal only going out of the planet, a portal on the planet itself, and portals that are created by the energy that lives there. This is hard to see with our telescopes because of the liquid portals are hard to see from Earth. There are directional nodes that have essentially two separate suns and two separate moons that orbit around the planet on each north, east, south, west of the main Spica planet. Each Spican has their own skill sets which may include not only the ability to create portals but also as well like changing clothes without having to go in the closet and change clothes to try them on but more or less like the way Sabrina the Teenage Witch changes clothes.

Think of Spicans as originals. The oldest of the old. Spica is one of the highest vibrational energies in the universe so when we open our consciousness to this information we are at a very high vibrational energy. So essentially Spicans have certain classifications or groupings of soul energy that we pull information from in the spirit realms. Spicans are shifters and they can change form to whom they associate with the most. My friend loved being a wolf energy and I merged with another Spican seed into a Phoenix. Spicans have a certain fire energy about them that is very powerful. I have actually seen one of my Spican energies with fire all around me in red, yellow, and orange colors.

I believe our Spican Fire about us is what drives us down on Earth. It is our passion for what we do. It is our passion for a spiritual experience in a human body. Even though we elude passion we are incredibly lonely individuals because there are so few of us on Earth. It is hard to find others that we relate to on our consciousness levels. Each person is going to remember Spica differently. Some remember it as feline energies that are all color coordinated down to the homes they live in. I remember it like a dormitory that was very colorful and full of life. I remember Spica as being humanoid and structurally built according to our skills sets. I remember going in and out of rooms and I recall big open communal spaces for recreation, studies, the arts, and learning magick. I remember chakra colors and each room being different and unique to each individual. Spicans are multi-talented down here on earth and have the abilities to handle energies as mystics, oracles, walk-ins, as well as ascended masters in Earth form. Spicans love animals, they are fair for others in decision making, and have great appreciation for music, writing, and other forms of art. They are some of the most philosophical individuals you will ever meet and are truth seekers above all.

You are the Light in Truth Spican Starseed…. Seek it and all will be well To Infinity and Beyond 👽😇✨⭐️🌈💖

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