Vision updates for March – June this year has been a roller coaster. March was during retrograde. Things were wonky and busy. I started receiving visions of things to do for my business which is awesome and is still happening for me. I started digging deeper. With every Kryst Clearings and things would come up I learned many things about myself and healed physical pain on my body. I learned how to use my eternal self to make shields that actually work. I learned how to clear my chakras in under .2 seconds, just simply by asking. I started digging even deeper.

There were so many wonderful things I found out about myself along the way. I had a dream where I was in WW2. I dreamed all night long about the uniforms, the women and men. I saw gay love out in the woods during the war and a talking robot about saving pharmaceuticals, which in the dream I was seeing next to the robot a family talking bout Hitler. I believe that robot represented him in a way. I was dreaming this all night long and I go back to sleep after waking up, roll over ask to continue the dream and it would continue. So I learned how to do that. I also learned how to intentionally set my dreams, so like if there was a specific time period or a place I wanted to see I would ask and set the dream mood and view the dream. That is cool.

Then I dug even deeper and got rid of a heavy energy that has been bothering me for quite some time. That was awesome. I got a name. I cleared the grey hybrid with and I kid you not I was on the beach with Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin and he started speaking Spanish and I heard a name. The next day poof! He was gone! I then kept having dreams about twin ray. I also came in contact with the Lyran’s and a very special energy who is a famous starseed and she showed me information about twin ray. She is Kieza her starseed body came to visit me, heard music one night for 10 minutes straight, then she took me through this dream and sat me down with my high self. That was awesome.

So then it got even better for me. I had a co worker convince me to pursue the business. I started the whole process over again. I also began manifesting sex demons and that got a bit interesting. I think those are cleared now. After that figured out how to get better information with my eternal self.

Now I had gotten a reading about some of the things with my subconscious that were happening at night time. I am a Spican starseed. I have portal energy which are my dream portals and I also astral project through these portals. If I am aligned in my sleep I will sleep soundly on one side of my body. I will also experience incredible dreams. So in my reading I was told to make the portals like a tesseract. So I just asked eternal self to do it and it worked. I also asked eternal self to shield the house in one and myself. I also learned that the majority of my issues with sleeping at night is because I haven’t fully integrated with myself both light and shadow. So I have a lot of work to do. It’s been an adventure so far.

Stay tuned in Starseed… The Future Beholds You —- To Infinity and Beyond