Granted there is not a lot of information about these Starseeds on the Internet. This information is all coming from another source and a direct source of cosmic origins for myself. This is how I get most of my information. Casseiopians are direct descendants of Orion and Spican seeds. I have an on going theory about this particular origin and I will tell you why. Technically the person who gives me this information is a twin ray, he is my polar opposite has a tattoo of their ship and I am often talked to about them. I have the other half of the ship is huge and one of the biggest I have ever seen in my life.  I was told at the beginning vital information about them that no one knows about. I was also told to keep it hush hush but this is often more or less what I feel is right to do as I do feel this is information that is needed to be said and understood.

When I first came in contact with Casseiopian energy this is the way I remember it. The way my twin ray approached me with this information at first he spoke about The Golden Ones. They look like C3PO a version of him but more human like and humanoid structures. As I do believe there are many different color formations of Casseiopian energies as royal colors are depicted like purple, white, dark blue, and a maroon like red both in uniform and in skin color. I do believe they mean different rankings and subtitles as my guides have informed me. They each have different roles that they play to make things run smoothly. The one I came in contact with was of gold. I flew a plane at first in one dream made of all gold. One of my friends had another dream of a different color plane that was red and white. My guides call them Aviation Birds that were made of pure gold and some had different colored markings like a modern day Mini Cooper. These babies can fly. They scared me so badly that I chickened out on the landing dock in order to take off.

My twin ray sat me down and I listened to him, and a few others, and they told me the story from start to finish as much of it as I can remember. My mother is for sure both a Casseiopian and also Corona Borealis cosmic origins as I soon found out her story shortly there after. She is high ranking Casseiopian and a Golden One. She was in charge of a particular wing. There was another that was conspiring against her and we were eventually taken from her through a reptilian/grey force. We had an important mission to deliver Divine cosmic information down to the Earth. So before we were able to deliver this information this happened, we hijacked their ship, and found our way back home.

Casseiopians are of beauty, love, and pure positive energy. Casseiopians are hard working, they prepare themselves for battle as they are warriors and light beings. They hold wisdom’s of Toth teachings and some of the individuals that brought down the first information to Earth about the Egyptian pyramids that’s why the Aviation Birds were built. Those birds were fighter pilots. They have knowledge of how to build space craft engineering, and technology that is so advanced that it can work both with Earth and Cosmic energies.

Human Casseiopians have soft features, calming energy, and make for very powerful healers. They carry the ancient knowledge of Toth. So naturally they become architects, engineers, or they work with computers for career choices. Casseiopian starseeds elude natural beauty. Once they put their mind to accomplishing a task they do not back down. They are multi talented individuals and have a true sense of knowing what they are capable of. They have a way about them that is easier for them to express what they need in order to accomplish their goals. They are powerful humans and most loving and most kind.

You are a strong force in the Galaxy Starseed…. To Infinity and Beyond… Your beauty is no bounds.

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