Ever since I was a little girl I loved the stars and the solar system especially the constellation Orion. It was like I had it all memorized like the back of my hand. The older I got the less I remembered home. Home always felt like home. I never felt apart of this Earth. I felt like I had been placed here. Ever since I was really small about 5 years old I was able to astral project. I would go visit my guides. My guides would appear to me in forms that I would know well. Once they came to me as a spider and a pumpkin. They had told me how special I was as a little girl. I heard that my whole life. When I met Charlie he said the same thing to my friends and actually stood up for me. So I always knew in the back of my mind this was not home. I do not consider the Earth home I never have and I never will.

When I first woke up to these energies I was so homesick I had actually to the point where I made myself really ill for a whole year. I had contracted some sort of weird virus but I swear it was because I was so homesick. I wanted to be understood and my heart ached for someone else who could see like I can and has special abilities like mine. I missed my home tribe friends so badly. It was a dull ache that would not go away and I still have it to this day.

To me this is a life long process, this is something that you don’t happen upon. You can wake up to these energies in your system and most of the time if you ask if you are one most likely you are a Starseed. Starseeds originate from distant solar systems, galaxies, and individual stars in our universe. We have the ability to access deep divine spiritual information that ignites in our system through our DNA. This is an activation process that we do our self. It is important to do it our self. We should not use outsourced information. This is how we access our natural abilities. We do this through meditation process and self integration. Do not worry there is going to be more information on this soon. This information is to be utilized for specific purposes and knowing the secrets of the universe.

Here are some things to know for sure if you are a starseed or not:

  1. You have a vast knowing or cognizant of information about the universe and how it works
  2. You love the stars and you feel homesick for a place where you feel understood
  3. You feel different then most people or you are an outcast
  4. You have abilities and strange occurrences that you cannot explain that have happened to you or are happening on more then one occasion
  5. You feel lonely, it is difficult for you to communicate to others or express what you are going through
  6. You are a strong sensitive or an empath
  7. You have a deep inner wisdom
  8. You are an old soul
  9. You have memories of other lifetimes on this planet as well as other planets
  10. You have strong intense vivid dreams
  11. You have a deep connection to nature, plants, animals, crystals, metaphysical tools you are drawn to and have a natural ability to use them
  12. Telepathic communication with extraterrestrials and or other human starseeds
  13. You have a strong sense of a personal mission to complete
  14. You are awakening or have had a spiritual eye opening experience
  15. You see colors and energy

If you feel drawn to most of those things on that list then most likely you are a Starseed. How to find out your origins the best way to do this is to develop a meditation practice. You need to go within to find out. It is like anything else metaphysical, if you are drawn to more then one intergalactic origin most likely you have experienced life there at one point in time. Then, the more deeper you go, the more you will understand, and the more you will understand, the more you can break down who you once were. Just as simple as that. You cannot look at yourself as if you are on the outside. You need to get inside somehow and unravel yourself at the seems so you can become full and happy. That is the end game.

Starseeds and humans are naturally multidimensional. Starseeds have the ability to break past illusions because we have been through the reincarnation process over and over so our soul gets developed the more we go on. As we heal and evolve the Earth heals and evolves. We are here as a design tool to help the process of mass awakening. We are the ones who can access the higher knowledge as to help others and younger seeds into the awakening process.

This is how you do it Starseed…. Be Within. … As The Universe So The Soul …. As Above and So Below…. To Infinity and Beyond

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