At the very end of June and heading into July I had to go back to Denver. I had a death in the family. It took a while to recuperate from that. I am at a much better place now.

July came and I was having a difficult time getting clients. I didn’t understand why I was having such a hard time. Then it dawned on me and I wasn’t doing any interacting with potential customers online. LOL I had a good laugh at that one. So then I finally did a live and was able to do a few readings.

I had a few really cool experiences. At the beginning of July I was feeling Peleiadian energies hard core. This I believe set things off in a motivational setting. I felt like I was generating really creative ideas for weeks at a time. I had also stopped meditating for a good month after I left Denver. I stopped doing yoga. I felt like I needed rest and relaxation. During that time period I came up with amazing creative ideas. I do believe this was all Pleiadian energy which when tapped into can be extremely helpful.

I was also visited by Casseiopian energy and that is why I changed from doing Andromedan to Casseiopian. I felt a really incredible urge to speak truth about things and get them out in the open. I felt that hiding them was only hurting my heart and I wasn’t living up to my fullest potential by hiding this information that I had written about. So I divulged a little and the anxiety went away.

The last few days and during retrograde after the eclipse and full moon energies subsided, I started getting into the energy. I finally relaxed more and I kid you not the vibes after the eclipse were incredible. For one, I was remembering a past life in Spica my Spican family was reuniting with me. I had realized how far apart we were but how close in contact we actually are. I will write the whole story out soon, I will mention their names, and advertise for them. They are a couple of really cool cats. They also are part of my Sirian family. Their astral bodies came to visit me to tell me an amazing story. It was straight out of the Xfiles.

Then just this last week I was visited by a really awesome looking light being. This is new energy to me but oh my good Lord this energy is something special and out of this world. One of the coolest beings I have ever seen in my life. I thought that when I was visited by a Tall White as cool but no this was spectacular. The colors ugh. Like I want to know where they are from. I have yet to find out and there will be more to come. July is not over yet but I will tell you that you can expect to hear from your home tribes at the end of this month. Enjoy these energies and remember to slow down. When we go to fast that’s when things can get chaotic.

Go At Your Own Learning Pace Starseed. …. Your A Bright Shining Star… To Infinity And Beyond.

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