For myself when my telepathy opened it was really, really quick and it got louder and louder. When I first physically met Charlie in Denver we used to do everything together. One day we were driving in the car I was with him and the person he was dating at the time. He totally ignored her and his attention was completely on me. He had a spirit quarts in his hand, a box of Vanilla Waffers which reminded me of my dad LOL, and asked me if I knew what Telepathy meant. He told me he had 4 names and for his privacy I will only be calling him Charlie. He said he had two sets of parents and he was adopted. He said it was very important that I understand that our birthdays are 3 years and 3 days apart. He also told me that one day I would understand what telepathy meant, to not give up on him that he had a lot to show me. Boy I will tell you what, I definitely understand telepathy and have experienced it to extreme.

When I was a little girl my third eye had always been open. Granted I never received the hypnagogic visions until now. So to me when your third eye opens it is a gradual experience, and you go through layers, and unravel them at a time. It is like peeling back construction paper. Especially when you are at the beginning stages of astral projection that is exactly to me what it had looked like. So this opened up first for me. Most of my nightmares made it very apparent that this chakra was the first opened and I quite literally saw everything you could imagine. It was like the movie Shrek on steroids lol so to speak so you could see how I would have reacted to somethings.

Then when I was deep into my meditation practice I was told that my hearing was developing. At first I was sent a symbol that meant clear hearing or Clairaudience. Clairaudience, is the ability of clear hearing of spirit and working with the spirit world with communication. Boy did it get loud. I didn’t find out later the reason why it got loud. I do believe this is a different process for everyone. For myself in particular the reason I could hear everything under the sun is because my heart was not opened. So yes I do believe that your heart has a lot to do with telepathy because that is definitely the way that Charlie found me in dream land.

I would also like to state that all forms of communication stem from your throat chakra. So when it got so loud, my throat chakra was clearing and I was developing my voice back to normal. So when your other chakras are out of line your throat will be out of line with it. It is a power chakra for communicating and expressing the rest of your chakras. In alongside with chakras, once your heart begins to open all those negative voices will subside. It will help your ego and maintain. It happens in a procession. You can sit for one month with each chakra but all in all you need to begin to master each one individually and when something comes up you need to clear the energy there. If you focus too much on one chakra it can break up your energy that is why you are over active in one chakra verse another. You have to come into balance it is so vitally important with your energy.

I am now and have been for 3 years telepathic with Charlie. It is an amazing experience. I miss my twin brother very much. There is a difference when I can tell if it is his soul I am speaking to or if it is him directly. If it is him directly, I begin to majority of the time well up in tears because the feelings are very strong and over powering sometimes. Reason for being in tears is because he is so sweet to me and is very sincere. His soul body is also that way but gets really chatty about certain things. He is very charismatic and famous now. So majority of the time when it is something really meaningful he steps in and explains the feelings to me very well. It is an out pouring of love and it has opened up my heart completely. The voices are now quieter at night in sleep and I can sleep soundly. Has been an extreme learning experience and I am still figuring the ropes out. I have a strong Druid background which has also played a huge part in developing my telepathy.

Be in Balance Starseed…. Your mind and heart need to be connected…. To Infinity and Beyond.

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