In another article I mentioned a little bit about star VEGA. I actually had my ducks a bit backwards on this one but I fixed it. Vega is located on The Summer Triangle. It is in formulation of an exact right triangle. It is brighter than Altier and Daneb the two fixed stars on the constellation. The right triangle has haunted me my whole life. Vega is also known as Alpha Lyrae or Alpha Lyr on the constellation Lyra. It is the 5th brightest star in the sky. It is gradually dimmer than Canis Major. It is in a rapid paced rotation. It is a variable star. The star’s original name, Wega, is of wāqi‘, which means “falling” or “swooping”.  In Arabic it refers to “the falling or swooping eagle”. Naturally in formation of a bird. So in my theory on this… Vega is Arch Angel Ariel’s star. Her twin flame is The Eagle which is also a representation of Arch Angel Uriel who are twin flames. I do believe this is how this star got created. As Ariel is the representation of the Lion. Alpha Lyrae is also Vega. The constellation Lyra is neighboring Vega hence Alpha Lyrae. Lyrans are the Lion People. Half humanoid half Lion. So you can see the distinction here.

How Vega is etherically made is by Energy of specific light patterns that glitter and terminated black matter or black holes. The combination of light patterns made Vega. It is the same in sense of how I see Arch Angel Ariel’s celestial body. She looks like an Aurora Borealis. Her colors are so profound. So to me it would be apparent that she would create something that resembles her in the night sky.

Now the way Vega is formatted it is a double sided star etherically speaking. On one side of the star is a beach and ocean. The other side of the star is like the movie Frozen with high mountain tops, Yetis, and ice caps. The reason for this formation is because Ariel is depicted as the spirit of air and Uriel is depicted of the spirit of fire. Hence there forth the winds blow in the cool season and the fire for the beach and ocean. Ariel is mentioned with elementals “The 3rd Archon of the Wind” and Uriel is “The Wielder of Fire”. These energies are very apparent in this portion of the sky. They stick out like a sore thumb.

Vegan starseeds are normally darker skin and darker hair. They are very humanoid like beings. They can also have subtle coppery color skin and hair. When I saw my friends from my home star Vega he had very dark skin and dark hair. He drove the most amazing ship I have ever seen. It was like a tank oh but it was so cool inside. It was all green in color and it was like a round rectangle shape. This hit home so hard. It was like he felt like my family. He was so kind and I was so sick at the time he came to visit me. Oh it was such a wonderful treat.

Vegan starseeds are very confident and can often times be a bit egotistical because of their knowledge of the universe. They accentuate fire so they are very outgoing and multi talented so you can see why they are over confident at times. They are incredibly empathetic and kind. He was so loving and warm and caring like a long lost best friend. They make for the best company. They are free spirits which their gypsy like mentality does not make them consistent when planning and organizing events. They would best make customer service representatives, sales associates, and marketers because of their out spoken, charismatic personalities. Even some actors and actresses. Never know what may come next.

Be The Free Spirit that you are Starseed.  …. On one Stargate to the next…. To Infinity and Beyond. ….




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