Andromeda Galaxy is 2.5 million light years from Earth. It is located in our Milky Way system. Antares fixed star is a gateway to the galaxy. It takes a rocket to have this much power to get to here from the Earth…. I have an incredible past life here. My name is Nev. My skin color is pale but I have purple hair. I go by Nev but my name is Andromeda. My mother is Casseiopia and my father is Cepheus. Greek Mythology mostly entails around the stars in our solar system. It is easy to understand the constellations and our stories behind them. What changes up there changes down on Earth.

My mother boasts about how beautiful I am and Poseidon sends me to the sea creature Cetus and chains me up, and locks me away to be eaten. I am saved by Perseus who after defeating the powerful Medusa spots me on his way home, and saves me from my untimely death. Up in the star galaxy as I remember it, Andromeda has over a trillion stars. It is by far the biggest in our universe. From the beginning I was told that this was one of the most important stories for me to remember because it connects me directly with my twin ray and also twin flame. This was one of our biggest adventures we had ever been on. This was a series of dreams that lasted over a few day time span. They were intense. I had even woke up from one dream with quite a bit a pain from being shot down like it was so real and such a real memory for me.

The first dream I had I was brought out by a bunch of Zeta Riticuli’s which I believe was the third star on the left of Orions Belt which is Aniltak. This was revenge getting. They held me captive and I was brought out to a burning sign in what looked like a wooded clearing. There was a burning sign that said, “FUCK YOU EARTHLING”. While these dreams were happening I was hearing several names of I believe the Zeta’s that were sending me these dreams and drove me nuts for days until I wrote the full story out.

So that very next night… I had another dream. I was at a bar. I had purple hair. I remember sitting at a bar with my friend who had green hair. I walked over to this guy, and in Andromeda the best way to describe the races here is like Guardians of The Galaxy the movie. I honestly have not read a single starseed article that describes the race of origin in Andromeda and I do believe this is because they are such eclectic individuals. I also believe they are so varied and so many different kinds of races in one galaxy because it is the biggest in our system. When you look at the night sky you see Orion’s Belt first, then Cassiopeia, then Andromeda. So it would make sense that this entire dream system happened this way. I have had other dreams about Orion’s Belt as well but that will be for a later blog post.

The guy I spoke to in the dream at the bar was a snitch and worked with the Zeta Reticuli’s this offset the whole thing in motion. I was waiting on my twin brother to get here with a crystal he went after to give to Ashtar to help in the war. We were supposed to provide this crystal to help them power a fleet of ships in sector 17. Twin brother never came back we went outside to look for him and a bunch of Zeta’s were outside holding him and a few others captive. They began to storm the bar. I went running off and hid behind the bar. I grabbed my friend in green hair and she and I ran out got separated there was a big door that said “In here if you want to live” I was running, and got shot, and woke up in the dead of sleep.

I had my friend Tauyna confirm to me from my Spica article, about the purple hair and I have a picture that goes along with us. The main energy here they are light blue in skin tone, they are very tall and thin, and were once known as The Winged Beings. I do remember being very tall in my body with purple hair. This race is freedom loving, revolutionists, self empowering individuals. They love to travel, they are more critical, but creative, and love adventure. They are one of a kind and they provide healing for self love, and develop self confidence.  They are true to themselves and they will admit when when they are wrong in seeking of their own truth.

Stand Tall Starseed…. as you are Revolutionary. … To Infinity and Beyond


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