There are many different types of meditation. Being mindful when going into yourself is also important as being mindful on the outside. In order for healing to work we have to take time for ourselves. It is completely an inside job. Relying on others to do the work for you isn’t going to get you very far. Mindfulness is a daily practice as well as self love. As I always teach your thoughts make or break your reality so when you are not being mindful with yourself it is going to show. It is going to show especially when you are not pausing before you react. When you react you are going to be miserable and it is going to cause conflict in your inner being. Reacting distorts behaviors and it distorts the outcome of a situation.

There are many meditation techniques so you can begin going on that inward journey. First and foremost breathing is the most important aspect of meditation. Sitting in Lotus pose hands up for receiving and hands down for grounding. You can also sit in a chair, use a pillow, get as comfortable as you can and make sure your not going to fall asleep. Sleep is still ok you are still meditating during sleep. Then begin to breathe in for a 4 count, holding, breathing out for a 4 count and holding. Breathing is also pausing and breathing is allowing your body to slow down. If you are going at this fast paced and no patience your going to miss things about you.  This goes for all manifestations and magickal workings as well.

A body scan is learned in Reiki 1. When you go into scanning your aura to see where there might be blockages, holes which are cold spots, or attachments, you want to start from the Crown Chakra down to your Root Chakra. You receive energy in from your crown. You continue to move your hand downwards to your root identifying where the stagnant energy is. You can ask yourself some questions. Why is this energy here? How does this energy make me feel? Go down a list of the current things happening in your reality at this present time. If it doesn’t fit at this time go down to the point where you feel the most energy when it starts to vibrate that is the reason for this energy. Then it will clear once it is acknowledged. You will show some sort of emotion about it whether it will make you sad, angry, resentful, pain, once you express the emotion it will heal.

Other types of meditation include the following transcendental, mantra meditation, Vipassana, Yoga, Tai Chi Qi Gong, coloring, shower meditations like visualizing washing out negative energy down the drain, subconscious clearing meditation, shadow work, inner child healing, trauma clearing, past life regressions, walking meditations, Reiki meditations, chakra clearing and so much more. Meditation is your own. It is your journey to heal and your way to become full, happy, joyous, and free.

My most effective meditations for myself have been my own shadow work. Shadow work is an ongoing process. It involves your hangups, short comings, resentments, dark emotions, inner child trauma, ego, insecurities, and sexual conduct etc… It is your way of holding your darker side accountable for your actions when giving into darkness. It is your way of transmuting your own darkness to light. We do many things in shadow work that we don’t even know that we do unconsciously. For example, when we recognize our own faults and it reflects on us from another person and we notice it, is apart of shadow work. The reflection from another human is our most teachable aspect because we already been through it and have the knowledge. So when we see the patterns in others we can help them over come it. This has helped me greatly heal myself in identifying my triggers.

You can do anything creative here in meditation. You can make it a routine in 21 days makes a habit. I usually do yoga before meditation because it is very grounding for me, it opens my energy, and relaxes me. I also use bath time as a way to unwind and meditate that is where the real shadow work for me takes place. So just as I teach my students the first thing I explain about going inward is the more energy you put into yourself the more your going to heal the better your going to feel. You switch those thoughts of not feeling good into feeling good, and you create a higher vibration so you can heal the negative ones. Meditation is all intention if your in a negative mind frame you will experience a negative meditation. If your presenting more positive mindset you will experience a more positive outcome.

Use This As Your Guiding Light Starseed…. To Infinity And Beyond.

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