I currently have been reviewing a process that is easier to connect to self and to read your Akashic Records. There is so much information and a lot of it is too much and too complicated to do. So I will break this down in the easiest way for you that I know how. I was struggling with getting the whole timeline to my inner vision. I finally had a chance to sit down with myself and view a full past life and the parts that I needed to see that were affecting my current timeline and this is the reason why viewing past lives is so important. Everyone has a different way they connect with themselves there is no right or wrong way in doing so. This is just a simple way of doing without all the confusion of how it works.

The first thing I will go over is that it is not necessary to astral project in order to read your Akashic records. I used to think this is absolutely necessary but it is not. There is an easier way to do this. The first thing you are going to want to do is to sit in the power. Sitting in the power opens up your energy for good communication so you can hear and see yourself fully. That means your energy is either sitting in Lotus Position for basic meditation or in a chair and you are lifting your chest up as it expands you are sitting in the power.  Make yourself comfortable and you will want to close your eyes so you can visually see yourself. You are human and you are multi dimensional. So when you are viewing the layers of yourself you are working with your etheric bodies. Your eternal self is your most sovereign self and that is who is going to be showing you your past lives.

As you are sitting in the power ask to have your ego and your fear removed so you can work through what your eternal self is telling you. The Akashic Records is like a data base, how would you view what would be a record system of your ancient knowledge. For me it is a huge library of books. I know for some people it is like a music record filing system. Visually see the filing system of how you relate to it the most. For me it is inside a castle and there are several floors inside the castle. On the seventh floor is my past life section. I visually see my eternal self there and she opens a page to a book and she begins to tell me the story as I listen from start to finish.

I will begin to ask questions along the way and she further explains in detail what it means to me and also how to heal the memories. When these memories come up some of them can be extremely painful. Some of them are are exciting and adventurous. You will experience many new insights along the way. For myself the best way for me to heal the memories is to deeply feel them. Then I will redirect their pattern by changing my thoughts. When I change my thoughts on them it changes the vibration and restores the trauma that I experienced into a new light. Then at the end I ask myself how much of it am I willing to let go of from a scale of 1%-100%. By that time if I can no longer feel the pain from the memory it is healed.

This is an extremely powerful tool. This is how you go into self very deeply and on a personal level. This is how you connect to your starseed origins. Akashic Records basics easiest and the simplest way to connect. Especially if you are a visual learner like me. This is your entire knowledge base and it is a wonderful place to explore yourself.

Go Into Self Starseed. …. Your Ancient Knowledge is Vast… To Infinity and Beyond.

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