I am going to explain about Mediumship. There is several ways you can connect to spirit. There is also several different types of mediums and mediumship practice. I am familiar with British Mediumship style which is evidential mediumship. I practice giving evidence of the spirit and then delivering a message. This does tend to take a bit longer. Everyone including spirit communicates differently. I had taken for a year a British Style Mediumship class. There were some things I liked and some things I didn’t like, and the length of the class was one of them.

So I am learning about physical mediumship which I didn’t exactly know it was called physical mediumship. I just knew the types like Trance Mediumship is where the spirit enters you and communicates through you. Some mediumships just use the throat like projecting the spirit communication through voice only. I am not a huge person when it comes to seances. I don’t think it is a necessary means of communication. There are also mediums when communicating with spirit uses their face and changes the structure of the persons face to reflect the spirit that is communicating through them. There is other psychic phenomenon that is reported during seances like levitation and materialization of a spirit occurs. Objects can also be brought into the room as means of communicating with the spirit and also from the spirit as well.

I stress this because I have worked with spirit on many occasions on not doing this alone your first time. I suggest being with a well trained professional who is your mentor or healer. A rule of thumb when communicating with my students is to always go by ways of the highest good as the best measure so what sounds like love is from spirit and what does not may not necessarily be from spirit. There will be another article about the different types of spirits coming soon. For right now using discernment which is the process of determining whether the source you are communicating with is of love which is a benevolent spirit or there are also malevolent which are not of love. Like in Harry Potter for example he is benevolent made of love and Voldemort had no love or didn’t experience love. Protagonist and antagonist.

The Americanized way of doing mediumship the person who is being read by the reader does not have to give any physical evidence of who and what they are reading from. It can be a little bit more invasive in my opinion. This is different then a psychic reading. They are still communicating with either a guide of yours or a direct spirit loved one or they are channeling your higher self or their higher self. Doing it this way and not having evidence of the spirit I always ask for permission if I am connecting to the person who I am reading.

There is a proper way of connecting to the person you are reading and a more invasive way. Asking permission to speak to their eternal self is the proper way of connecting to someone’s energy. When going in head first and being invasive in someone’s energy the higher self can step in and filter information and also not allow the person to be read. Then at the end of every reading I then disconnect which I learned from actually a group on Facebook that I wasn’t disconnecting properly. One way to disconnect is to ask your eternal self to disconnect from the person being read, their energy around them, their guide or whoever you were communicating with. Thank them for delivering the message of the highest good and that they may return to where they came from. I always thank my guides as well for helping me deliver the message. Showing gratitude is a huge thing with spirit.  Please and thank you goes a long way as well it shows kindness and kindness counts when your working with spirit.

Be The Messenger Starseed…. You are a Beacon of Light… To Infinity and Beyond



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