So we just had the New Moon in August then came Hurricane Dorian right after. I was getting worked over by the New Moon energies making me feel so tired and exhausted. I had realized some of the information I had for August Forecast was misdirected. So I am still learning Astrology by a long shot. Astrology isn’t my strong suit. I understand things etherically. I understand energy, frequency, and vibration of stars, planets, galaxies and such. I love Astronomy which is different then Astrology. So I want to make that very clear. This site will touch on some Astrology things but not much. I am very visual person. I see things and I match energy.

I had been called into work to stay overnight in the hospital. It was an interesting experience so far during Hurricane Dorian. There is so much energy out there it’s incredible. So far the New Moon brought in some planetary energy. I traveled to Jupiter one night I just remember the colors of blue and purple and not much of the story was very vague in dream. However, the energy is fabulous. When I tap into the energy I usually use music to help connect to the frequency to help me feel the energies. Then I set the mood and I set the intent to dream about where I would like to go. Works every time.

Also during the New Moon I was exploring Orion energies as well. So far my favorite. Orion is home to me and always will be home. There is going to be a new blog about this constellation coming out soon. However the colors of Orion are spectacular. I went to each of the three stars. They are each completely different energies. It makes sense to as to how the world has evolved over time.

Coming up this September you will be hearing from Lyran energy. September is the month of 9. So it is out with the old and in with the new and that is exactly what the Lyrans are here to help with. August puts an end to summer flings. September cleans out the toxic energy completely and the season changes to fall solstice. Big changes tend to happen in the fall. It closes one chapter and opens another. We go back to school. We hire for temporary positions for the holiday season. Some of us will experience some new upgrades and new guides will be introduced. You will learn to hone in your skills and take your abilities a step further. You are going to be needed due to presidential elections coming up in November. Stay sharp this month and it will pay off going forward.

Fall brings in abundance, right now the leaves start to fall and change colors so new ideas can form. These new ideas help spring forward new career moves and new opportunities to broaden your abundance cycle and awareness. For creative ideas call in for help with Pleiadian energy. They are incredibly resourceful and are here to help you make decisions to further your path. They hold creative insights and also incredible divine power that will help you manifest your desires.

September is also a month for knowledge and for us starseeds ancient knowledge at best. Start tapping into your roots and begin pulling up this ancient knowledge and you will go places you have never been before. Many of us at this time are experiencing alternate realities, timelines, parallel universes. Now is the time to gather as much information as we possibly can to push us to the next levels. Toth is a God that comes to mind when pulling from ancient knowledge to help us connect to that part of ourselves. Your eternal self is everything made up of you. So if  you are struggling on connecting to eternal self start here. Start exploring these energies and see how you feel about them and take notes.

Your One Of A Kind Starseed… The Universe Is Your Oyster…. To Infinity and Beyond….