The Orion constellation is of a hunter in Greek mythology. Orion with his belt and his sword. He has a faithful companion, a dog named Sirius is a black lab. These stars are supergiants and can be seen world wide. The supergiants are Rigel (Beta Orionis) which is a blue and white star, and Betelgeuse (Alpha Orionis) which is a red star. Orion comes in many forms. My favorite form in ancient Egypt was known as a God called Sah his consort is personified a Goddess named Sopdet also known as Sirius and that is how Orion’s dog got his name. It was a link between them because they were so closely together that you can say they were twin flames and my theory is a representation of Archangel Gabriel and Orion. He who made The Great Bear and Orion. Which would be a bigger sky system. Gabriel’s twin flame is said to be Hope. I believe this to be Archangel Michael a representation of him due to that Hope is a general encompassing transmission of Archangel Michael bringing Hope in unexpected places as he is a great protector and healer for all.

To me Orion constellation represents consciousness and the subconscious mind. As it has a nebula formation behind it supporting the energy between them which is called Spica. This is the oldest and most highest information in the universe. Besides from source. This is the beginning of it all. This is the start of the formation of Orion constellation. So the way Orion is broken down and in this article I am solely going to focus on the main 3 stars. Alnitak, Alnilam, and Mintaka. From left to right. Ethereally speaking the stars have very distinct energies and color formations which make up the energy of the stars themselves.

I will start with Alnitak, If you have ever been out to parts in Colorado it honestly reminds me of like what Southpark would be. It is wooded and has an open clearing in the center for gatherings and rituals. It is a forest like companion and a lost woods. Kinda like Peter Pan. The reason why I know this is like this, I was taken to this location during my grey abduction. This is where they took me. As I do believe this was all past life in relation because it was connected to Andromeda for me.

The middle star which is more in relation to Spica’s colors is Alnilam. This star is rainbow like in energies in the astral non physical realms and dimensions. Oh this star. It has a place where you build and practice your art and has several layers as in relation to chakra colors and formations of information. A lot of middle ground traffic and activity goes on here. It is where souls and starseeds find themselves. They find out who they are here. Alnilam is a special star as it is the middle of Orion’s belt. It encompasses the two opposing energies on each of the belt. That is why it is full of life and energy. I had a dream and in this dream I met Charlie on the stairs in passing from one place to the next. I followed the energy of this dream and linked it to other dreams I have had in the past. The energy seemed to match and I got more of the story this way that is how I broke this energy down. Which can be in another blog as well later.

The third star on the right, Mintaka, is a black and white etherically energetic star. It is like the old black and white tv shows. It has a recreation center in the middle where starseeds can join and come together a place to relax. There is also a performing arts center located here. I do remember a few dreams that looked very futuristic in nature where we came together to perform in music and in art. I also had another dream about the recreation center and when I was walked through that energy is how I put those dreams together. It reminds me of the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus if you have ever seen it in relation to the performing arts.

All these energies combined make up how the world has evolved throughout time. Which makes sense to me as Orion’s star belt being a representation of Archangel Michael the great warrior to being a representation of three pyramids in Egypt. It completely goes hand in hand. Orion starseeds. These types of starseeds are extreme type A personalities. They strive for the best and the very best. They are extremely ambitious. They know what they want and will get what they want when they need it. They have that kind of luck. They are incredibly deep thinkers and are very mentally inclined. They are engineers and scientists. They are performers and creators. The drawbacks they prelude includes being fiesty and getting upset quicker, they are charismatic but lack an emotional imbalance with other people. It is harder for them to operate in a relationship then in a group setting. They work well with others but have a very strong reaction to things which can make a relationship complicated for them. They are ingrained to question things before believing in anything it is hard for them to accept the nature of things in life.

Take Things With Great Stride… Starseed… Be Bold… To Infinity and Beyond

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