Chord cutting has been on my mind lately and I have been able to take this on a deeper level at this time. However I will first go over the basics with you. Esoterically the aura body has extension chords within our energy. This is who and what we give energy to and who and what gives energy to us. Whether it is positive or negative. It can be a person, place, thing, situation, resentments, emotional wounds, bad habits, good habits, and among other positive and negative vibrations.

When empaths carry a heavy load it often results as energy build up in our energy,aura, and etheric bodies over time. When this happens we get an emotional upheaval. We will feel often disoriented, upset, anger, uncomfortable, not ourselves, not grounded, and feel all the heavy extreme emotions of whatever the energy it is that we are carrying. These chords that are generated in our energy are hot and cold chords. It depends on if it is a negative chord which is a chord that is coming from another person, place, or thing to you. Positive chords are coming from you to other energies. The positive chords are cool chords and negative chords are hot chords.

This energy from these chords can arise in a multitude of ways in my opinion. They can come from a past life and a past experience which you keep feeding into whether it be a positive aspect of self or a negative aspect of self. They can also come up as presently in the physical environment between each individual thing that you give and receive energy to. They can also be developed through telepathy, and other psychic abilities to what you give and receive energy to. These chords can hold emotions and just energy that is developing into formations. For example a chord I just pulled out was one that I had resentments about being an only child. Those emotions grew and grew and grew because I was suppressing it so badly it became a really big red and black energy in my overall being.

Basic chord cutting is cutting out the toxic energies that weigh your energy down. When you feel your energy being drained, irritable, emotional, frustration, can’t sleep, can’t focus you are being affected by negative chorded energy. Empaths need to disconnect from energy or it gets recycled in their system. When the energy is recycled that weight becomes heavy and needs to be expelled out into the either or astral realm which is the closest plane to the Earth. The either is where we transmute these toxic energies. Empaths are on a much higher vibration pull then most people because they are so sensitive to negative energy and energies around them. Negative energy flocks to us like a moth attracted to light. This is because we heal negative energy and negative energy heals us. It is a revolving door.

You can cut chords in several ways. I’ve used many different processes that help with chord cutting. The best way is to do a meditation to find the chords in your aura and do a body scan. When you feel hot energy spots that is a negative chord. Positive chords don’t affect you but feed you on a positive vibration. You need to feel why the chord is there and who and what is attached to it. When you remove your ego from the situation and ask for it to be revealed to you will help you in the process. I have also personally used the Violate Flame energies to cut chords, however this doesn’t resolve the issue of the chord. They can and will come back unless they are understood. Energy is energy and energy doesn’t lie. Clean out your toxic environments and free yourself.

We Are All One Starseed… Make Your Energy Shine… To Infinity And Beyond..

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