We currently have been undertaking some massive shifts in our energy Starseeds. There is quite a lot to awaken in us. So many learning opportunities are being presented before us right now currently at this time. October the veil starts to thin more this time of the year. Lots of energy is patrolling about. October starts the season of traditions and ritualistic magick. So be wise here in discerning energy as we come close to the end of October.

Fall season makes me think of certain smells, food, warmth, giving and receiving. The more you give the more you get back. This is the time of year to focus on others and have a helping hand. This is a good time to focus on good karma and developing healthy practices. During the fall the leaves fall in an abundance and they change colors. The weather begins to get cold and new relationships begin to bloom. Snuggle up right now and be around other people. Do not wallow in your own emotions for too long or it will create energy. Expand, grow, learn. School begins and it is good to begin to do things for yourself now.

Projects to start on… I am recently learning several things and have new things going on at this time. Right now I am learning how to create music. I have picked out two beats that I like in combination to begin to make my own binaural beats and meditations. This is a new project. Second project I have going on right now is making my own tarot decks. I will be slowly learning Photoshop and learning how to cite artwork. There will be lots of new services added. I will be going through some crystal training programming course from https://www.facebook.com/Throughtheprismofyourownlight/ . I will also be going through DNA Activation and training. Which I am super excited about. So all of this is coming up. I will be able to starting designing my T Shirt Logo Designs and other products and even get my crystal wholesale started.

These energetic shifts that are coming up are going to start to create cosmic blasts of energy. Some of the shifts are going to be really noticeable. Some may actually begin to manifest in our solar system. So with these new cosmic energies that are coming through there usually tends to be some upgrades. There is going to be more DNA upgrading and light code generating. I highly recommend getting this done with another person. I have tried this myself several times. Somehow it isn’t permanent when do it. I have watched some of my DNA rejuvenate in meditation but with JSeals, Zeta Seals, Death Seals they have come back in my energy. I am ready to get out of the cycle that is holding me back and I feel this is the issue at hand. As starseeds this is an important part of our journey. This is necessary for us to succeed and be able to transform our ascension process. I will be eventually going through training on this as well.

Especially if you feel like you are going through a revolving, cycling, door that just won’t quit. You feel like it never ends. Turn to your origins and look through the veil at the information that is being presented to you in patterns. This is how you get out of it. I just recently got out of a vicious pattern that was making it so miserable to sleep at night. So far it has yet to come back. Our starseed origins are transformative so no matter who you experience at this time they will guide you in the right direction for higher learning and knowledge.

Transform Within Starseed… Its Your Time To Shine… To Infinity And Beyond.