Empaths are extreme sensitives. They can pick up vibrations, frequency, and energy on very high levels. Empaths are naturally at a higher vibration then most individuals on this planet that is what makes them special. They have a natural ability to transmute negative energy into alchemy. Empaths can also develop their psychic abilities easier then those who are still sleeping in our matrix world.

Most Starseeds are Empaths. This reason is because Empaths are able to connect to multiple dimensions at the same time. They are able to channel down information from the cosmos on that high frequency, vibration, energy. Starseeds need to feel that energy from the stars so they can connect to their home origins. This is how it works.

There are different types of Empaths. I do not put categories on them I do not feel that Empaths should be labeled. They are a sensitives. They are each individually, unique beings of light. Empath’s DNA is structured so that they each can perform different tasks that are needed to help other people and other Empaths during our Ascension Awakening process.

Empaths can be extreme feelers, clear hearing or telepathy, extraordinary vision, and they can be these on high levels. Some are more of one then the other, for example I have friends that can only feel on an extreme level, and I also have friends that can see or they are clairvoyant on an extreme level. It is a matter of what they are comfortable with doing because the vibrations they pick up are out of this world. Some have all the senses.

Have you ever been told you are too sensitive? This could mean your an Empath. The issue here… is that when Empaths get overwhelmed and emotional they wear it on their sleeve, on their face, and it is shown through their whole entire being. What happens is they carry everyone’s load around them for example, if someone is being mean and aggressive towards them, they can become mean and aggressive. If someone is feeling sad around them, they will also be sad and even cry sometimes more so then the other person. This is because they take the person’s pain and hold it in until it gets released. The only way Empaths can release this energy is to disconnect from the individual. The way I do this is asking my eternal self to disconnect me when appropriate. It gets easier over time. However, the hard part is knowing who the individual is especially if these individuals are masking their behaviors and emotions.

There are other ways to release energy. Yoga is a fabulous way it is also very grounding and opening. Reiki helps dispel energy and also heals spiritual, emotional, and physical pain. Grounding is important for an Empath here. Grounding releases all built up energy down into Gaia. There is mental and physical grounding techniques which will be explained in another blog. This is a very helpful practice for Empaths. As well as meditation and other spiritual practices that Empaths are naturally drawn to. It can be both a blessing and a curse these are some helpful tips to cope with carrying such heavy loads.

You Are Special Starseed… You Deserve To Be Free… To Infinity and Beyond…

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