WOW this month is going to be absolutely transformational for Starseeds. We have some beautiful manifesting days coming up. So take advantage of it. 11/11 is going to be the most glorious manifesting day of all. I get 24 strands of DNA activated that day is going to be amazing. If you are looking for a way out of a constant vicious cycle and feel like it never ends this is your ticket out. DNA Activation is up and coming and very very powerful.

Not only our cosmic energies this month are going to also play out in a transformational way. 11 is a master number and inner teacher. The number 11 is synchronization and allows us to call our power back at ultimate capacity because all is one and one is all encompassing and universal. At the beginning of this month expect to be in Mercury in Retrograde which started on October 31st. It is in Scorpio this month until about November 20th. So expect your Thanksgiving to everything being back to your own fault again but flow smoothly with communication.

This month is going to super test our emotions. It is going to bring us forth more incredible amounts of spiritual insights, deep inner wisdom, and transformational healing. As Starseeds our darkness is what ultimately tells us how to heal ourselves. So I encourage you if you have an inner awareness to mentally take notes of your dreams this time. This is going to completely take your healing to a whole new level. This is going to be a darker time period for some because we get ready to go into hibernation for the winter months. Take advantage of this time for inner reflection, healing past trauma, clearing any karmic debts. Work out what is ailing us and come spring months you will be a transformed new butterfly.

Since it is Scorpio season at this time also reflects our psychic abilities and gifts. This coming winter you are going to want to go in very deeply with yourself. This will ignite your psychic awareness. It will activate your psychic abilities 10 fold. Your power is calling for you. Listen to it. Scorpio is incredibly clairvoyant and intuitive. Now is the perfect time to develop a regular meditation practice. Doing yoga for grounding and spending time with yourself for deep inner awareness.

The truth is going to come out this month. Things that are being suppressed are going to come into light. What has been ailing you is now going to be transmuted to energies of the highest good. There are new healing energies that are coming about these next months because our consciousness is changing and we are at an ending cycle. 2019 the number 9 being ending and to 2020 coming to in Tarot would be The World card. Upright means ending the next big cycle of life in reverse means failed plans, lack of completion. Starseeds are going to be working overtime and working very hard with new ventures into healing modalities. For example a new one for me would be DNA Activation to learn.

The Starseed energies that you are going to want to call upon are this month for assistance Arcturians, they are incredible natural healers and have the ability to transmute the highest and lowest frequencies they can help heal the shadows of any form. They will also walk you through parts of your darkness for better understanding. Through darkness you are going to want to pull out your creative endeavors. I would call upon Pleiades energy for creativity, lust, and passions. They are very expressive and can assist in healing your emotions through your works of art. I would also suggest calling upon Andromedan energy at this time to help with family for the holidays for better communication as well as expressing our emotions in a healthy family dynamic. Andromedans are incredibly family oriented and they value interpersonal relationships as a collective energy. Everyone is equal and everyone has a voice.

Interesting times are ahead Starseeds… Brace yourselves for change… To Infinity and Beyond…