Yes Vega is known as Alpha Lyrae however, Lyra is also one of the brightest stars in the night sky and  on the corner of the Summer Triangle. There are three breakdowns of the Lyra star system as I understand it. They are a set of binary stars known as The Beta Lyrae Variables. They are so close together that they form an egg-shape and material flows from one end to the other. Ethereally speaking this matter is similar in comparison to a rainbow helix in energy. By connecting these star systems together creates a rainbow helix in our DNA patterns. This is because Epsilon Lyrae is known for being a double double complex system. This double double formation of Epsilon Lyrae connects 4 major elements of the Northern Cross. Earth which equals our DNA patterns, Fire as an Archangel Uriel representation, Air equals Archangel Ariel representation, Water would be a liquid representation of our DNA. The Archangels and this formation pattern in the night sky accentuate these two energies. Lyra is represented as a Vulture or Eagle “Aquila Cadens” or “Falling Eagle” which represents Uriel. As stated in a previous blog I believe Vega and Lyra are both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies. Vega being feminine and Lyra being masculine.

The law of  polarity states that everything that exists there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is why I believe both Vega and Lyra are represented in this fashion. Ethereally, these star systems are so very unique because they are so bright. I believe the rainbow helix within this system is partially due to the added brightness. Archangel Uriel is said the be the Sun and the Sun creates rainbows especially reflected upon water. These two animal formations in the night sky being a bird that flies like an Eagle and Feline Lion Earth energy primarily make up the ET race here are polar energies. These ET races are both Feline like and bird like, but are humanoid in nature.

I believe that they are directly related to The Blue Avians which are one of the very first ET races in the sky. I mean races. This energy is so sacred and there will be another article about them. Lyrans have a strong root core chakra and their inner security and strength can shock most people with this energy force. Lyran races today are popular with handling the system of control. They have vast knowledge about The Matrix and how to cultivate your own free will. They can also help remove harmful energies in our home and aura. They also help activate our DNA strands.

Lyra is also neighbors with Draco, Hercules, and Cygnus. They have a strong background here as old souls that came into Atlantis and Lemuria. They have knowledge that Toth brings to them here in the physical world down from Ancient Egypt. They help primarily understanding Earth related problems and problem solving. Having a strong root chakra they reflect negative energy off better because they are more secure in their own energy, however, it can cause one to have more of a darker path on the actual physical Earth then some of the other starseed energies.

Humans that are Lyran starseeds, that are generally Lyran are more likely to have a red like aura. They have a strong base. They are very grounded individuals, they make for good athletes and are very competitive in nature. They have very strong emotions because they have a strong base. They put that extra umph into their work ethic but they like short cuts and sometimes taking the easy way out. They keep more to themselves but when they speak they speak with knowledge and they communicate when appropriate. They are very stubborn in their own ways and they don’t like to stay in the same place for very long. They are highly energetic in nature and like to try new things. It will never be a dull moment with a Lyran that is for sure.

You Are Strong Warrior Starseed…. Use That Double Helix…. To Infinity and Beyond

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