The possibilities are endless to ground to Gaia. There are so many different ways. The very best way to truly connect to her is of course the obvious way of spending time outside in nature which is truly the art of grounding. It is about surrendering to your life’s purpose to help Gaia heal and evolve. Grounding also connects us to our timelines and our life cycles. She represents the circle of life. She is all life and ever expanding, loving, and caring for all life plants, animals, and humans. She is birth and rebirth.

She holds negative ions at the Earth’s surface that have an electrical charge. This is due to regularly dispelling negative energy. We do this naturally and most of us don’t even have an awareness of it. That is how powerful her healing energies are. She will absorb and heal negative energy from us. She will provide us with the answers we need through our daily lives as we know them to be.

Some of the best most effective ways to ground to me include Yoga. Yoga especially traditional Yoga offers the best connection to the Earth available. When you are moving your body along with the Earth’s natural flow you begin to connect to her on a vibrational level that helps balance both positive and negative energies. Connecting to her this way alleviates all physical ailments and can be very healing. Movement with Gaia is not only physically healing but also spiritually healing can negate any psychic attacks and as well open up your emotions. Yoga is a way to open your chakras which will bring up heavy emotional energy.

You can also visualize grounding. A lot of people don’t know this but you can always see it in your minds eye. Your eternal self is your own personal navigator. Your in command of your eternal spirit, Your Internal Eternal Creator Source. You can also ask your eternal self to ground you daily on the Earth Organic Correction Timeline. This helps shift your energy and moves you with Gaia. It will keep your energy straight up and down instead of like a scattered bouncy ball that we all know and feel at times.

Drinking water is very grounding, you should always drink water and replenish after a deep Earth healing, any trauma healing, or any spiritual endeavors or rituals. Grounding foods help and those are any rustic foods that come directly from the ground. They give you natural energy to replenish and restore your body’s need of nutrients. There are different more in depth grounding techniques that are out there but these techniques I use the most. I enjoy simplicity I do not like to complicate things.

You Are Gaia’s Children Starseeds…. When You Heal She Heals… To Infinity and Beyond


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