Where to begin. This has been such a ride for me. It started when I started getting my life together and turning it around for the better. Everything that I suppressed most of my life came flooding back in. I knew I was drawn to meditation and the benefits of meditation. When I started that is exactly what I was doing. I knew about this all before it started happening. I just didn’t know where it was going to take me. I do not believe in psychosis. I believe it is the beginning stages of being clairvoyant. My awareness just took flight. That was the what I focused on the most at first and needed to. I had a lot of scary night terrors when I was a child and growing up and it caused me to have anxiety. There was a deep fear I had and I had no idea where it was coming from but I knew I had to start there and to try to understand my subconscious. That is exactly what I did.

I still don’t understand a lot of my subconscious but over time my lucid dreams started unveiling more and more. I started reliving the patterns in my head. Once I understood what it was all trying to say to me and I had help from my spirit team and guides, I was able to heal a lot more. I started understanding where certain aspects of my mind was coming from. It was almost like I was experiencing quiet introspection through my dreams with powerful dream symbols. At first it was an exhausting experience. I had a hard time getting to the 4th stage of sleep which is the deep 90 min REM sleep that you need in order to feel completely rested. The more I started to clear out things in my energy and reconnecting my shadow the more I could achieve that 90 min REM sleep that is so crucial to the human body. Now I am coming around to actually really honing my skills as a clairvoyant. My readings have never been more spot on before.

As Starseeds we go through a process of downloading information. We get this information from our ascended masters, guides, eternal self, the Universe, and the Cosmos. Ever since I was a little girl I had an open awareness and was more sensitive to other worldly energy. I believe that my natural awareness made it easier for me to hone my clairvoyant abilities. We download and process information in a multitude of ways. Where do you think our ideas come from? With everything there is a balance. The balance needs to be restored. This process allows us to see naturally both our receiving side and our ego side. This information helps us in everyday life, helps other starseeds, helps yourself, and other people.

Recently I have ventured into a whole new avenue with my clairvoyant ability. When I am in meditation I started asking guides to bring me things all of a sudden. They were already bringing me information I needed. However, now it is more organized to me this way. There were so many questions I had and so many answers that were unanswered, and I didn’t start doing this until I started looking at how to do my Starseed Activations. I combined my eternal self with them. I connect to the other person’s eternal self and their guides but it is automatically done through my eternal self. They bring me the correct starseed guides so they can actively integrate with them and as well interact with their new information being brought to them through their starseed lineage. I activated all mine this way. It is like viewing my avatar body on top of mine face down and then connecting to my eternal self. Like making an astral double. I decided to do it for all things this way in meditation that I needed answers to. This is how I have been accomplishing activating my DNA as well.

I started laying down during meditation I was having a hard time getting information in an upright lotus position. I started activating and clearing out and layering all of my energy including my DNA. I cleared all stagnant energy out this way. Fully aligned. I even clear my chakras this way now. It is 1000 times easier than trying too hard. Your eternal self is everything and you can activate different parts of your eternal self this way as well. You are the vehicle you do the steering. The only way to open your mind and your third eye is by doing meditation and making it a habit and a process. It is a deep layering process for all chakras. Keep this in mind very important on your journey.

Your the Vehicle Starseed. …. Let Spirit Do the Work ….. To Infinity and Beyond

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