Becoming lucid is actually a dream like state of mind. When you are in a lucid state you are experiencing visions and clairvoyance. It is an amazing gift to be hold. I am going to explain to you the different types of visions and dreams. I get asked this question a lot is it a dream or is it a vision? Well to me it is both being lucid is having visions and dreams. When you are lucid you are in an altered state of mind. Your basically seeing yourself in all different angles and viewpoints. To get this kind of awareness one must go within and practice introspection. Our subconscious automatically practices introspection because we process our reality at night while we sleep which includes our emotions and feelings on a day to day basis.

Dream Walking –

Is a type of phenomenon where the dreamer can enter another person’s subconscious dreams. This can be mild or extremely invasive depending on the person’s original intentions. The only way this happens is if permission is granted. If you go into a person’s subconscious without permission it is against their knowledge and against their free will to roam the multiverse.

Waking Dreams-

Waking dreams are dreams while awake and aware. They are synchronicities of the universe and they provide hidden messages. They aide in reminding you of what is blocking you from moving forward in life. They reveal hidden secrets of any ill will that is bringing you down. You will know if you are going through a waking dream. Things will stick out to you and you will feel like they are a sign of divine intervention.


Our emotions are everything when it comes to our dreams. Introspection is one’s own mental and emotional process. In a spiritual context it is the observation for one’s own soul. We create energy with our mind and consciousness. Introspection is our detection of our microdensitometer. When we create energy with our mind we create our dream symbols. Most of these types of symbols in this type of dream represent something that has to do with our emotional state of mind. You would decode the dream symbolism.

The Most Common Phenomenon – Premonitions

Premonitions can come in various types and forms. They can be a waking premonition, where you are awake and aware and reliving day to day, either certain parts or all day over and over until you get the message. This can be a form of Ground Hogs Day. It is insane. When I first started at my new job I was going through this. Now looking back I realize that it was about my mind and releasing old blockages in order for me to move forward in my career and life. It got that intense.

The other kind of premonitions are during lucid dreams which can occur in the wee hours of the morning mainly between 4AM and 7AM. They can be either still or moving visions/dreams. You can take them as literal as you want or decode them like a lucid dream with dream symbols all the way down to the color, energy, and spiritual meaning. Not all premonitions are meant to be literal.

The other kind are messages normally is during meditation. These can be how your guides want you to download the information you need to progress in your life purpose. The visions can be in ways where your guides and spirit team know how you can relate to the message vision in the best way possible. You can also take these as literal as you want or decode them like a dream and using dream symbols. Note everything is meant to be literal.

Past Life Dreams-

The other kind of lucid dreams are past life dreams. Our past lives are important because they tell us our repetitive illusions that are lessons which hold us back from progressing in this life. Your spiritual team will take you and walk you through the process to decode them and it usually starts to happen when your third eye begins to open. These tend to be really profound and the energy is like a movie. Sometimes you only get bitz and pieces this is why it is important to record your dreams. 

Please refer to my article about How To Decode Your Lucid Dreams for further knowledge. It is important to understand the information that is handed down to us from our eternal self and our ancestors they give us knowledge of our self.

You Are Full Of Knowledge Starseed… This Is Our Soul… To Infinity And Beyond

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