Regulus is the brightest star on the constellation Leo. It is a fixed star a Star of The Royals. The energy of this star is incredible. It is in the heart of Leo. There is a special story behind this star that one Starseed might find. I took a different turn these last few weeks. I had been actively connecting to this star as of late. By far one of my favorite fixed stars. The main reason I was connecting to this star was because of a block I was currently experiencing. My theory is that this star is the heart of Leo which is Archangel Ariel representation God’s Lioness. It is a star made of polarized light. This is where the angel’s heart chakra is located in the night sky. This star is outspoken and arrogant. This was exactly what my block had to deal with part of my shadow and ego. The block was about jealousy and treating others the way you want to be treated.

It was during a meditation that I witnessed the most incredible part of this star. By all means this is going to sound weird. What I heard my guides call it was a Sphinxter. Spelled exactly in that manner. You lay on top of it and you levitate. I was shown someone was sitting beneath me activating it. Lifts you up and it determines your royal blood lines and your loyalty patterns. All past, present, and future. If you ever seen the movie Looper where he interviews a version of himself in the hospital and he tells him every single timeline that was possible. What the Sphinxter does is very, very, similar to that movie. Like the Sphinx in Egypt it draws the heart out of the Lion.

The colors of this star, midnight blue, purple, red, pink, green, gold, and silver. Regulus is said to be associated with Archangel Raphael it is a quadruple star system of four stars that are in two pairs which represent the poles. The poles are said to be gravity darkened and gravity brighter. As a whole it would be Archangel Raphael. The quadruple star system is also said to be the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. I still feel the colors that I see are a representation of Ariel. I see both angelics here in this star system. As they combine and work together for certain healing qualities.

This star can be viewed across the whole night sky in late February. It is a white dwarf star and Regulus A is the primary star. It takes 40 days to orbit around the poles for the two stars Regulus A and companion 177.  Regulus D and companion 212 which is unrelated and Regulus A is physically related to the poles. The poles between the star couples are even brighter than the equator. Regulus is Latin for “Little King”.

As Starseeds we can find many answers within this star. This star as stated above can detect our blood lineage and our blood loyalty lines. It can help us move across our blood lines. We can pull up many understandings about yourself in this particular star. As I believe it is ultimately the true heart of the night sky.

Starseeds from Regulus are fashionable and have the latest up to date fashion. They are not afraid to show off some and they know what they want and how to get it. They can be seen as arrogant because they have a more materialistic point of view. Their abundance is wide open and they don’t shut themselves off from the rest of the world. They are very outgoing personalities. They flaunt it and own it.  They are realists and they don’t like people who are inauthentic and fake. They can often have a boat of jealousy and they know how to manage their finances well. They make for good accountants, fashionistas, and customer service industry workers. They are inventors and they make their own gadgets that help them with everyday life. Most of these starseeds have some kind of royalty in their lineage at one point in time or another and have been in a wealthy family during one of their incarnations on Earth. They presume a high status. Very rare seeds indeed.

You Are Authentic In Your Raw Nature Starseed… Be True To Yourself And Your Desires…

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