Empathic emotional energy and strong emotional energy at best can show up in our dreams at night time. They can show up in many different forms that is why dream symbolism is so important. We are sentient beings and we have emotions all throughout the day. We create this energy with our minds and hearts. It can show up eventually into our reality once we truly awaken to who we are and our energy. We are so sensitive and we pick up not only our vibrations but the vibrations of others. We can even create hybrid energy with our emotions. Eventually it shows up in dream. This is why things get somewhat strange in dreamtime at night. We don’t fully understand our feelings. This is the true art of feeling our feelings.

I started experimenting with this and I had a reading done about what I was experiencing at night time. I even had a dream with a guide of mine that came and made me look at my birth chart saying to me “Why aren’t you using all your emotions.” This has not only turned dreamtime around for me in a full 360 degrees but it has turned my physical reality for me to the 110th degree. This is about creating your reality. I use my eternal self to do this. So in the reading I had done she removed the emotional energies.  These are strong archetypal energies that are formed into what we feel and how we break it down so our physical body can understand what we process.

Some Examples of Archetypal Energy in Lucid Dreaming Include:

The first and foremost energy I have been trying to untangle is the Twin Flame Archetypal Sexual Energy. This energy is extremely most potent. From reports from friends as well as my own experience. It can become so strong that you will actually feel it during your sleep. It is what is known as The Old Hag Syndrome. You will experience it in both negative and positive energy. For me it was a lot of negative because my twin flame is currently not present at this time. It distorted energies and made people I knew so loving and kind so cold and distant. So I experienced aggression, anger, loss, morning, grief, a whole lot of sadness, even some depression. I learned a very important lesson which ultimately gave me confirmation that he is indeed the twin flame. The emotional energy I created in turn I felt do things to me at night and crawled into bed with me. The negative emotions did. I had to sit with them until I understood them. Now that I am beginning to and now that I have my full twin flame energy in my mind, I now understand his love to me, I have been able to completely game change and vanquish the invisible energy. I figured out that it was all emotional from the reading I had done. I had also had another one solely on the sexual energy regarding the twin. When she confirmed about my emotions and when I went back and remembered the energy that was being created I completely dismantled it and took it apart. It stopped at night just about and now I know how to keep going with it instead of creating more. I turn it into constructive energy I can use. I can use this energy to manifest into my reality and write my twin flame back into my reality. That is how powerful this is. This can also be seen for transgender, and LGBTQ, and the other sexual orientations. This goes for all things sexual.

I started changing the vibration of it with my eternal self “I call to my eternal self please replace the (State Negative Emotion) with the (State Positive Emotion) for example replace sadness with positivity replace anger with self love and devotion etc?…. I always state things three times three so mote it be to set the intention in motion. Your eternal self is your own navigator you are the one that controls your vessel and your reality. Choose to succeed on your own terms.

Other Types of Archetypal Dream Symbolism:

Parents are strong archetypal dream symbolism. They are your parents and they are your world. They have probably traumatized you at one point in your life where you experienced either violence, uncomfortableness, sexuality displacement, emotional abuse, and negative energy. This is all emotional energy as well. You have the power to influence this energy in your life. You can change all negative energy into positive energy so it will reflect you in a new light in your current reality.

In dreams parents can be seen as animal totems representing energies that can be overbearing, over emotional, and also controlling. In each symbolism you break it down until you have an understanding of how it is presented to you in dream. And this is still all emotional energy. You have the influence to change it into positive constructive energy by communicating with your eternal self.

In a positive energy parents can be seen as guides in your dreams. They can be helpful and encouraging. You will be able to connect patterns in your reality based upon your dreams. They will help you and guide you along your journey into discovering insights with your spirit.

Additional Dream Archetypal Energy:

Addiction energy can be addressed in dreams. This can be seen in negative and positive energy as well. With our emotions can also create hybrid energy seen through our minds eye in dream time. Things will stick out in dream. If it is something that your guides want you to ween off they will practice with your spirit in dream. They will show you how you can kick the old habit. It takes 21 days to make a habit and 21 days to break a habit.

Addiction energy is more refined because it is a stronger energy that has a hold on us. It is as well emotional energy. We create this cycle with our addictions that we need to unwind and understand why they make us feel powerful. We use this hold it has on us as a hit, a fix, because something at one point in time made you feel really badly about yourself. Our addictions are about bringing yourself back to love and self care. We are the most important and if we cannot fully grasp what makes us tick we will get thrown back into the same cycle of energy until we can become the master at it. Our addictions are just as strong as our sexual energy.

In a positive light medicine is how we heal. When I mean medicine I mean all medicine. I also mean healing medicine from our guides and ancestors as well. Our addictions we use to suppress the healing of these negative emotions that we do not want to look at and use them as an escape. So when we break the dream symbolism down we can use the negative aspects to help us change the energy of the addictions. Think of lucid dreams as a healing garden when it comes to our addictions. Once we break the negative cycle we can disconnect and heal the negative hold on the addiction. We do not need to lucid dream to heal our addictions we use our eternal self as a powerful tool to help us break the cycles.

Other Archetypal Energy, Lastly:

Lucid Dreaming and our negative thoughts. Our negative thoughts are so powerful it shapes our present reality to extremes. This is how a lot of energy gets created through the negative because the negative makes us vulnerable. We naturally feed into it because we are so overwhelmed with our own emotions we do not know how to fully separate them and disengage. The negative thoughts attract negative energy. Therefore if you are having a negative mindset you will experience more negative energy with your thoughts in lucid dreaming. Negative energy as archetypal energy can be seen as nature and animals in dream symbolism for example, my negative energies show up as insects, and other weird animals to the point it can become nightmare like.

I used to struggle a lot with my night terrors in sleep. Now I have an upper hand. I used to allow things to drain my energy but now I know how to recognize the drain before it happens. I have power in my dreams now that I never thought I would before all because I use positive emotions and that replace the negative in the form of affirmations. The only thing I did differently is I communicated this to my eternal self. Your eternal self can make things permanently change for you in your reality. It takes your psyche a while to truly believe in an affirmation if your physical body can’t understand what you are worth. Your eternal self can make the change happen and so drastically you will see abundance overflowing you in every direction possibly known to man. This is the secret that all manifesting guru’s out there should be taught. They tell you to believe but you don’t really believe it until you allow your higher self or eternal self to take full control, run drive, heal your physical body, emotional body, and your entire energy field. It will truly start to begin to awaken you and shake you to your core. So let the good times begin for your life. Are you ready to make that change?

Be The Light In The Darkness Starseed…. You are a true shining star… To Infinity and Beyond…

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