I probably get asked this question about several times a day. How to meditate and How to Starseed? Quite lately I haven’t been in a writing mood. I have been trying to find ways to inspire myself and I have been trying to connect to some difficult parts of the star systems that I remember now. Things that have been coming up to the surface.  Earlier on I wrote an article about How To Connect To Source and Higher Self. Now I take things a step further into my Eternal Self or Internal Eternal Creator Source. You are Source. You are Eternal self. You are your Eternal Spirit Within. You are at Zero Point Balance with your Eternal Spirit Within.

How to meditate as a Starseed with your Eternal Self? How to find your Starseed Origins? How to open my third eye? Well for one not all people are going to be lucid to experience their stars. Empaths have all kinds of gifts, they see, feel, hear, even have clear taste and clear smell. Some are stronger than others and use other senses then their eyes that are stronger than seeing. For me I use all the senses and I had been working on waking them up since I first started this journey in 2013. Even in 2013 I still was unaware of the Starseed path I was still in the witch’s path. I experimented with it when I was in college a bit. I remember trying to cast love spells that were for myself but ended up being for my friend instead. LOL. I met a friend through a group on Facebook and she told me about the path of a Starseed. Then I connected through International Starseed Network and from there my Starseed energies grew. The more I worked with these energies the more they came to me during meditation, the more I became aware of extraterrestrial life.

Extraterrestrials are Interdimensional travelers. Their bodies and energies can be in solid form and in blue or colorful incandescent spirit form when they come to you from other dimensions when you visually see them. When you experience their presence it is a totally different feeling, when you experience their words and what they are communicating is another experience all together. They are so gentle and kind and so full of knowledge. They telepathically communicate to you with the knowledge that they have of your own abilities. So when you meditate “I call to Eternal Self please bring me and connect me to my Starseed Origins?” or “I call to my Eternal Self please bring me or connect to me my Starseed guide.” You will either get stimulus from them from one of your senses. You can still even experience them in your sleep and lucid dreams. You can go as far as creating your own ritual to experiencing your extraterrestrial origins, you can make a bath, pull out your crystals, set the mood, feel the stars energy. Read experience the star the formations the colors the feelings. Begin by asking yourself questions … Where did I come from? Where am I drawn to in what part of the sky? Was I Orion Starseed? Was I Pleiadian? What did I look like? What was my spaceship? What was my mission? The more you connect this way the more you will be aware.

Some of my students draw their energies and draw their dreams. Some write about them. Others make paintings, or read books, watch tv shows, even youtube videos trigger memories. I listen to music. Some have crystals that connect them to their guides and home tribes. I have a big alien head obsidian with labradorite eyes that I love that helps me with telepathic communication with them.

You can even set intentions before bed before sleep to connect through your dreams. I call to Eternal self please show me my first Starseed Origin through my dreams tonight. If you have trouble dream recalling you can make it as specific as possible “I call to Eternal self please show me my Arcturian Starseed energy and help me retain the dream the next morning. I call to eternal self please allow me a full night of rest and wake up recalling the dream in Arcturus.” This will be a way for you to connect to your energies you will the more you do this will have an encounter in more than one way or another down the road. Be open Be alive be ready to experience a whole new world. Set your intentions have that inner dialog with self. It will take you places. That inner voice is so important. LISTEN to yourself.

May the stars forever light your pathway. To Infinity and Beyond…..

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