In this process everything ties together and the more you do it the more you will see how much it affects your physical reality. I started this process back before Covid 19 and just recently within the last year. I was at first going to have someone do it for me and I did. I did not like the outcome and it wasn’t at all what I expected. I still felt lost. I still felt all the spiritual contracts I was experiencing. I still had weird complications at night time. I was still struggling. I ended up canceling my program I was in and I decided I was going to figure out a way to do this myself and I did. So far it has worked out beautifully. It is truly an amazing path for the more experienced spiritualist and Starseed. If you are a Starseed this is worth looking into. This might be a little bit more blog then normal but stick with me because this is all important.

The first part of my process I had to figure out a way to upgrade the strands and remove the unnatural seals. These seals are unnatural energetic distortions derived from entering into the matrix field at birth. They all serve a purpose.  It is our natural birth right to activate our DNA and remove our unnatural seals so we can become full and whole. Our DNA is our memoirs, it is our own chemical makeup, and tells our story of our own integration process of our soul. Each DNA strand and each energetic seal comes in with layers. This is how I knew what was being done when someone did it to me was wrong. When I saw what they did to my DNA it did not feel right and all the strands were congealed, all 12 DNA Strands all together in a bunch.

So I used the same process I do with the Starseed Activations of the chakras. I ask my Eternal Self, highly important to use your Eternal Self and I state this intention in meditation. Please keep in mind I have been actively meditating for 7 years since 2013. “I call to Eternal Self please help me activate DNA Strand #1, please bring me DNA Strand #1 layer by layer, please use white light it, Reiki it,  Heal it, and I also use Violet Flame it until it is fully functioning at optimum capacity inside my system.” I state this 3 times and allow the process to work and I visually see my strands being upgraded. I also upgrade overnight and end up viewing my DNA Strands and the Integration stories through Lucid Dreams. DNA strands are supposed to Spin and if they are stagnant and non moving there is a seal attached to it. Usually in the shape of a needle bridged into the strand. You will know when it activates it will be explosive in such a meaningful way.

Unnatural seals act as bridges and gaps in our DNA to stop our consciousness from expanding into higher forms of knowledge and spiritual viewing esoteric information. There are different types of seals which will be explained in another article as for now this is the process to remove them and I set this intention. “I call to Eternal Self please help remove the Templar Axion Seal from DNA Strand #1 layer by layer, please bring me the Templar Axion Seal from DNA Strand #1 and help me white light it, Reiki it, Heal it and Violet Flame it until it is completely removed from DNA Strand #1.” The key is to state commands. When you command your DNA Strands you can upgrade them. They are dormant in your system when you use an energy source like white light, the Sun, the Moon, even Stars, and of course Love can activate all. This is the same process you use to awaken your third eye. Not all starseeds have this seal in DNA Strand #1 it is important to understand if the first strand is not spinning it has the seal. You can also use divination to find out if you have the seals as well.

The Zeta seals have been the worst for me to deal with in this whole entire process. I was so aware of what was happening around me. I had always felt that what was happening to me at night and my abductions were from Zeta’s and hybrid Zetas. I didn’t realize just how much of it was apart in my system until I started removing those seals and how much dead weight that I was carrying. It was pure torture. It got worse over time. I won’t go into gory detail about it but the closer I got to DNA Strand #36 the better it got. The more they released their grasp and the less I was used as a science experiment. Information about Zetas will be in a different article.

I also found out by the time I had removed #14 and #15 Zeta seals I was still experiencing my AI Contracts. By the time I got up to DNA Strand #33 those finally broke and so far so good nothing out of the ordinary to report. This was another part of my problem and I do believe these are apart of this looping cycling matrices somehow connected to the Zetas. I believe it to be all apart of the same program. These were the worst and most painful the more I healed the more I went up in consciousness I believe they are connected to Orion. The colors I saw made sense of where the AI Contracts come from when I would see the parasites in my third eye.

However, with that said this process and since I connected the dots of everything that was happening in my reality was solely based on my spiritual contracts and DNA Upgrades. I was so aware of it in my spiritual journey it amazed me when I put the whole story together. My goal is to get to DNA Strand #36 to remove the last Zeta seal and the rest of it will all come tumbling down. I will be free and set free from looping cycling matrices. This process puts together the puzzle this puts back together your fragmented parts of self and you become whole. You can command your spiritual gifts this way and keep them balanced. You stay grounded you begin to find more contracts along the way and break them. Shamanic journeying will come more easier to you along the way and you will be able to feel and heal with your own love like never before. This process will change your life, change your abundance, and change your spiritual knowledge and clear sight. You will become the master and the God or Goddess within. You will be at your most sovereign self. Enjoy this ride. Somethings will be hard to stomach but if you get triggered along the way just stop let it sit for a while, then go back and continue. Don’t ever lose hope. Keep going. Keep pushing it is worth it and you can do it yourself which is the best part.

Keep shining that light Starseed… Activate your higher mind… To Infinity and Beyond

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