Greetings Earthlings,

I am a stellar super cosmic starseed hybrid with many starseed galactic origins. I have been able to see spirit, dream, and feel energy since I was 5 years old. I am an empath, lightworker, and solitary eclectic witch. I awakened during a time when most of our star patterns were re-integrating into our systems, in April 2013. I was not ready yet but I was getting ready. I had my first vision that January 2013 and had an experience that I would never forget. Strange things happening, the TV’s were zapping, popping out of no where, stuff was getting moved all over my house, I kept seeing strange figures walk through the house and on the street that did not look human. I also started having very intense very vivid nightmares and dreams. At this point in time I was not handling it very well. I was out partying and doing God knows what til the wee hours of the morning. If I would have told anyone that I would have to go through all the healing I am going through now and all the secrets I knew and all the hints along the way I would have been condemned in my mind. So I held a lot of that stuff in. So that January right after I had that vision I was hanging out with not so good people at the time. My friend that I worked with gave me a number to call a local medium. The night before she came I had an experience of a lifetime. I was not in my right mind, “not sober”, as I am going to sleep. I knew what I had to face that next day. I found my self in my bedroom, I turned and saw my body lying on the bed and my best friend Luke in my room with me. He died when I graduated college in 2007. I said “Luke is that you” he shook his head yes. I said, “I’d give anything to touch you one last time.” He reached out his arm and at first it felt cold and dead, then it turned so life-like, warm, and I could feel that it was him. I was crying so hard. Then I woke up that morning with a massive hangover. So then began my investigation. However, I was still in “party mode” so that took me a while to get settled and then I was given a fresh start. Ever since then I have done a multitude of research on the subjects that I have posted and I have been walked through an extensive learning process. My Kundalini activated 2016. I have been on the road to recovery ever since. This process has been scary, emotional, uplifting, fulfilling, terrifying, and extremely beautiful and joyful. What it all has taught me more then anything is to never give up and how to love myself again.

May The Force Be With You To Infinity And Beyond