Greetings Earthlings I am a Reiki Master for the last 3 years I have awakened my time on this planet during 2013. I am a super starseed hybrid with many starseed origins. My souls purpose on this planet is to help expand the human collective consciousness and raise the vibrations of Mother Earth. I am an Indego child. I help Gaia evolve during a time of mass awakening. I am here to help guide and council. My experience with spirit has placed me in a position of healing at a much faster rate especially with knowing my true origins. Knowing where I come from is important because it is where my magick comes from. When we create magick in this time line we raise our consciousness of the planet and our souls purpose with source. So I am here to help you understand how to tap into your ancestor, cosmic, and angelic origins. By doing so you will reawaken the planet and have the ability to help others evolve. You will be rewarded for your endeavors along the way. So please join me to help raise the collective consciousness and to see where our light is at the end of a dark tunnel. You are reborn again and you have the full capacity to tap into your psychic powers. You can do it I have faith in you and our planet to get us to a much healthier state of being within. Find it in yourself to move out your blockages and come together as one prismatic consciousness ever evolving and ever changing our world to make it a better place. Enjoy my site. My services are listed and my prices are set. I do believe that I have the ability to help you move your mountains of obstacles to see the light through the darkness and to help shift your reality to a successful position. This is so you can yourself begin to help others along the movement. Be Inspirational!

Author: auroraisabella