Clearing past trauma can be rather difficult to understand especially when the memories of the traumatic experience are excruciatingly painful. This is a transition and a practice. It should not be taken lightly and it is actually a very serious matter. Moving through personal trauma is going through all channels of your entire being. It is a constant maintenance and cycle in your energy. At this moment in time where you experienced the original trauma to your spirit your energy got stuck in this position. Most people have different reactions to certain things because our energy shifts in this moment. We are not all the same when it comes to dealing with the difficulties in our life.

There are different types of traumas. We all have a fight or flight response system in our energy when it is activated it resides in our root. Our root chakra is our survival and security chakra. Our root chakra gets activated when we experience trauma. The reason why is because life comes through the birthing canal in physical. When we are born our energy is connected here to our mother’s womb and your life itself. What happens is that energy cycle builds because our body has not released the energy that the experience created. As Empaths we have an amplified way of holding on to energy. That is why we need to constantly ground and release our energy.

When I do trauma healing with others I normally look at past life trauma first what the spirit experienced in previous lives dictates what is unfinished in its current reality. Past lives are essentially a guide to understanding illusions of what was not healed in the past that is pulled in the present. This practice unravels patterns from the past. To do this and fully clear it thoughts need to be changed in order for your spirit to progress and move on. Empaths have an extremely hard time letting things go. Changing thoughts will help let the energy of the trauma go.

The next thing I do is look at the present and what the person is experiencing currently in this life. To ultimately heal the present one must change the past. Recognizing the patterns that the past created can change the frequency and vibration the person is experiencing in their current timeline. Healing the past is changing the feelings and the thoughts. This shifts the vibration of the current reality. It brings things back into alignment to your spirit. If you are currently experiencing repeated trauma it is coming up from an unhealed wound from the past.

You can start your inward journey and trauma healing with what is called Shadow Work an Inner Child Healing. Both combined are extremely powerful tool to heal your soul. Shadow work is looking at the darker side of your soul. It is about understanding your triggers and belief system. Inner child healing entails and indicates experiences that you had as your younger version of yourself that were unpleasant or traumatic. It can be from any age of your life. Again it is your internal creation of self to change the vibration of the experience that happened. You ultimately need to change your thoughts on it. I am huge with changing thoughts because thoughts create your current reality. Thoughts make or break your experience in the physical current timeline. When you change your vibrational thought patterns you create a whole new world and on a more positive scale. This completely changes the course of your future.

There is deeper ways of healing trauma that can entirely change your reality. If you are constantly stuck, have changed everything, tried everything, and are doing everything in your power to change nothing seems to be working. You have exhausted all your options and don’t know what else to do I would suggest looking in DNA activation. As a Starseed this is vital to our reality because the system of control placed us on Earth and at one time there were tags and seals placed on us that puts us in a constant state of control. This is often what people don’t realize or are able to see. I am on a waiting list to become a DNA activation practitioner so stay in touch because that will be a new service added in the coming months.

When You Change Your Thoughts Starseed…. You Change Your Stars…. To Infinity and Beyond



The last few months the things that I see that are on repeat in the brain are road blocks. I figured out the symbolism. You can fine tune and break it down however you want the difference between road blocks and attachments.

Spiritual attachments are those that symbolize emotions intertwined with human interactions. For Ex: The Snake was one of my attachments because I felt that some people are being like a snake in the grass so when that would physically attach to my body I would feel discomfort in certain areas. This could also be for example if your in a bad mood it could show up as a crab on my sacral chakra because of my personal relationships make me moody. Spiritual attachments can cause the following symptoms: headaches, morbid visions, psychosis, loud astral sounds during sleep, physical pain in the body especially the point on the body to where it is attached, lightheaded, pinching, biting, squeezing, poking, pushing, physical drain on energy, tired and dry eyes, drowsiness. These physical symptoms are from other people to you. They are chorded to your etheric body as a hot chord. Chord attachments from someone else to you relatively a hotter then normal temperature. Chord attachments from you to someone else that is healthy in your environment is relatively a cool chord. Spiritual attachments are like a bully, they will blatantly pick on you until you pay attention to your actions in the physical realm. They will not go away until you understand every aspect of them and that will set them free. They will continue to cycle in your energy until you face them. 

Road blocks are blocked pathways. In order to open these road blocks realize why they are there. For ex: Grey aliens I loathe them because they have no emotion so how does that reflect you. That reflects you because some things cause me to be emotionless or more harsher emotions then softer emotions. My emotions are there for inappropriately expressed there for it hurts my throat and heart chakra and third eye due to intuition with emotions. Not expressing them clearly. Another ex: Spiders they are my words and how I speak freely. These two characters combined are pretty powerful when it comes to expressing myself. To unwind them I had to see and think before I acted. Not thinking ahead, not planning ahead, and not using the correct verbiage in understanding myself so others could understand me. It can get pretty claustrophobic up in the throat chakra sometimes. See how these things affect your daily life and unwind yourself to new insights. If you feel that you wont be around to see your child grow to be an adult that is also a blocked pathway. If you feel that you are unloved and you cannot obtain the love you so fully deserve from another human that is also a blocked pathway. There are several categories financial road blocks, health, spiritual, luck, abundance, feeling not full of opportunities all road blocks. These are pathways to open. I find road opener Habre Comino candles helpful because the more you sit with the blocked pathway, understand its energy, and why it is there the pathway will begin to widen. You can write a petition on how you want your pathway to open to set the intentions for new beginnings. You can break it down within your chakra centers as well. This will be a whole other article or blog there is loads of information about each chakra and what are its primary functions. You can also find this information online and in books.

Body pain, when physical body pain arises in the body a simple exercise place your hand on the part that hurts ask yourself these questions…. Is this an attachment or is this a road block? Is this an emotion and if so what emotion is it? Why do I feel pain in this area of my body? What needs to be cleared up? How can I remove this pain and understand where it comes from? Once you answer these questions the pain should subside. 

I highly recommend Robert Bruce for this topic The Practical Psychic Self – Defense Handbook A Survival Guide. Everything that I have ever seen etherically was written in the first 60 pages of that book. I swear by this. This will give you the most information you need. He also goes into detail about core imagery work will allow you to over come a lot of your anxiety in your every day life. This book served  a great purpose in my spiritual practice. 

There is no how to manual on how to do these things hope this finds you well and a better understanding of the physical body and its spiritual attachments and road blocks.