I am going to explain about Mediumship. There is several ways you can connect to spirit. There is also several different types of mediums and mediumship practice. I am familiar with British Mediumship style which is evidential mediumship. I practice giving evidence of the spirit and then delivering a message. This does tend to take a bit longer. Everyone including spirit communicates differently. I had taken for a year a British Style Mediumship class. There were some things I liked and some things I didn’t like, and the length of the class was one of them.

So I am learning about physical mediumship which I didn’t exactly know it was called physical mediumship. I just knew the types like Trance Mediumship is where the spirit enters you and communicates through you. Some mediumships just use the throat like projecting the spirit communication through voice only. I am not a huge person when it comes to seances. I don’t think it is a necessary means of communication. There are also mediums when communicating with spirit uses their face and changes the structure of the persons face to reflect the spirit that is communicating through them. There is other psychic phenomenon that is reported during seances like levitation and materialization of a spirit occurs. Objects can also be brought into the room as means of communicating with the spirit and also from the spirit as well.

I stress this because I have worked with spirit on many occasions on not doing this alone your first time. I suggest being with a well trained professional who is your mentor or healer. A rule of thumb when communicating with my students is to always go by ways of the highest good as the best measure so what sounds like love is from spirit and what does not may not necessarily be from spirit. There will be another article about the different types of spirits coming soon. For right now using discernment which is the process of determining whether the source you are communicating with is of love which is a benevolent spirit or there are also malevolent which are not of love. Like in Harry Potter for example he is benevolent made of love and Voldemort had no love or didn’t experience love. Protagonist and antagonist.

The Americanized way of doing mediumship the person who is being read by the reader does not have to give any physical evidence of who and what they are reading from. It can be a little bit more invasive in my opinion. This is different then a psychic reading. They are still communicating with either a guide of yours or a direct spirit loved one or they are channeling your higher self or their higher self. Doing it this way and not having evidence of the spirit I always ask for permission if I am connecting to the person who I am reading.

There is a proper way of connecting to the person you are reading and a more invasive way. Asking permission to speak to their eternal self is the proper way of connecting to someone’s energy. When going in head first and being invasive in someone’s energy the higher self can step in and filter information and also not allow the person to be read. Then at the end of every reading I then disconnect which I learned from actually a group on Facebook that I wasn’t disconnecting properly. One way to disconnect is to ask your eternal self to disconnect from the person being read, their energy around them, their guide or whoever you were communicating with. Thank them for delivering the message of the highest good and that they may return to where they came from. I always thank my guides as well for helping me deliver the message. Showing gratitude is a huge thing with spirit.  Please and thank you goes a long way as well it shows kindness and kindness counts when your working with spirit.

Be The Messenger Starseed…. You are a Beacon of Light… To Infinity and Beyond





Ego is the absolute number one thing that gets in the way when beginning to work with spirit. Ego has such an immense amount of power it completely takes over. When you are with ego you are in control. The whole point in the process is allowing spirit to guide and take lead. Ego is a part of your shadow self. It shows your bad and ugly. It shows your character flaws and how it affects the world around you. It is a reflection of your dark side. If you do not maintain your ego and keep it in check it can over power your inner soul. It can become a very dark piece of yourself. For example, what it would look like to me of ego in control is if you ever watched The X Files, the character of the “Cancer Man” is a great reference because it is like a cancer.

Ego satisfies the mind and not the heart. It allows entry for justification of your actions. Ego has a way of manipulating you and distracting you from your souls purpose. It places illusions in the mind to cause confusion to steer you off course. Why does it do this? If you are in control and not allowing spirit of the highest good to help you guide your life, it eventually lead you down the opposite path and you will crash and burn. It will take something monumental to shake you to wake you so speak.

One of the easiest ways to not let ego affect you is simply to surrender. To best explain surrender is simply stopping yourself if you are feeling lost or confused then you can stop, ask a question, and then listen to what your soul says. This is one exercise you can start to do. So when you feel that “frazzeled” feeling coming on, simply stop for a moment and pause, and ask yourself “ok what is my best option on what to do next”. Begin talking to yourself and you don’t have to out loud, no doubt, but begin having an inner conversation with yourself. Check in with yourself begin asking how you are doing and feeling on the inside. This actually begins to connect you to your highest self. When you are in line with your highest self your intuition will ignite.

Your highest self is made of light and your ego is your shadow. To fully embrace your healing one must embrace both their light and dark. Light cannot survive without the dark. The dark can actually be a tool to use to heal. It can show you what needs to be looked at. When you put the two together you are becoming a true alchemist. By doing this you are fully in line with your souls purpose and you can easily begin to work with spirit. You will also be able to receive such profound information to help guide you on your journey.

When you begin to communicate with spirit and you are in control with your ego, the best thing for you to do is set some boundaries and rephrase your questions. Yes or no questions are difficult for spirit to answer most times. They also do not give time frames easily. Spirit likes to give you analogies and puzzles to figure out the message. They will never speak to you in a demeaning way. It will always sound like love and encouragement from above. When you ask a question try to say something like, “How can I best begin to heal my ego self so I can serve others to the highest good?” “What is holding me back from committing to my relationship with spirit?” These questions are just some examples. Then they will respond to you in a way that will most benefit you and uplift you.

This process allows you to break free of the barriers that hold you down. I had to take some co-dependancy workshops and one of the exercises was we had to get through a maze of chairs and each time we would begin to go in one direction we would get blocked in. Some of us had failed and given up immediately and could not get through the maze. Some of us stayed til the last and was still trying to get through even though most of us were done. The point to the exercise was to see how ego gets in the way. When your not flowing with a divine connection to spirit you receive road blocks and your pathway begins to close on you. You will get steered in a completely different direction. When you become aware of spirit and allow them to guide your life you will be able to breathe again, doors and opportunities will become open for you, and you will be able to live happy, joyous, and free. Being in with spirit and divine guidance is the way to be. It brings about good relationships and doesn’t attract unhealthy ones. So it is your choice ultimately because we have free will as humans but to me I go with what spirit says always because I have never been steered wrong.

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Spirit is a widely used term and very broad in fact. There are many many types of spirits which I can go over in another blog post because this topic can be very in depth. However, this is the one question that I see people on Facebook posting about the most is how to tell the difference. I get asked this question all the time. As a medium I have had many encounters. They know and they get super excited to be able to communicate with me. One of the main ways I can tell the difference is in the appearance of the spirit. Sometimes I do not know what they are until the next day after a full night of sleep and my third eye sees them all night long.

Through the course of my journey as a clairvoyant seeing energy is an amazing gift. Sometimes these images are very difficult to understand. Most of the time I do not know what sort of spirit they are. I sorta just roll with it. I cannot exactly put them in categories because they are beings just like you and me but corporeal form. The most common tell all sign if a spirit is earth bound or crossed over also known as an ascended being is by how full they look in appearance. For example, some spirits I have seen only have a head that floats, well where is the rest of the body?…. Some have ripped clothing or wearing clothing that they died in they look like how they died. What does that exactly mean? To me an earth bound spirit is unfinished there is something they are missing and they have unfinished business.

Now granted during my time here I work at a hospital. I come across many different things and not just spirit. The astral is full of everything all different kinds of energies everywhere. The astral is the closest earth bound plane. So being earth bound means being in “astral” form. Etherically speaking. It can also mean that a spirit is in Limbo. Limbo is the in between where the time before a spirit is brought to judgement to which higher or lower plane they will ascend to. Spirits only have a certain amount of time in that plane.

An ascended spirit is one that has been to judgement and has chosen the medium to help them cross over from the earth plane to the destination that was presented to them. Ascended spirits can communicate with the mediums usually get told how the story of the way they died went. This helps the medium understand what they went through. Spirit whether dark or light is given the gift of empathy. That is the mediums main job is to show empathy towards the spirit it helps them cross over into the light. That is truly what this journey is all about. Empathy is the greatest gift of all. It is how we can truly show love to all. The light truly cannot survive with out the darkness and cannot come forth to justice.

In Loving Memory of Lucas Jacob Hubbard