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The possibilities are endless to ground to Gaia. There are so many different ways. The very best way to truly connect to her is of course the obvious way of spending time outside in nature which is truly the art of grounding. It is about surrendering to your life’s purpose to help Gaia heal and evolve. Grounding also connects us to our timelines and our life cycles. She represents the circle of life. She is all life and ever expanding, loving, and caring for all life plants, animals, and humans. She is birth and rebirth.

She holds negative ions at the Earth’s surface that have an electrical charge. This is due to regularly dispelling negative energy. We do this naturally and most of us don’t even have an awareness of it. That is how powerful her healing energies are. She will absorb and heal negative energy from us. She will provide us with the answers we need through our daily lives as we know them to be.

Some of the best most effective ways to ground to me include Yoga. Yoga especially traditional Yoga offers the best connection to the Earth available. When you are moving your body along with the Earth’s natural flow you begin to connect to her on a vibrational level that helps balance both positive and negative energies. Connecting to her this way alleviates all physical ailments and can be very healing. Movement with Gaia is not only physically healing but also spiritually healing can negate any psychic attacks and as well open up your emotions. Yoga is a way to open your chakras which will bring up heavy emotional energy.

You can also visualize grounding. A lot of people don’t know this but you can always see it in your minds eye. Your eternal self is your own personal navigator. Your in command of your eternal spirit, Your Internal Eternal Creator Source. You can also ask your eternal self to ground you daily on the Earth Organic Correction Timeline. This helps shift your energy and moves you with Gaia. It will keep your energy straight up and down instead of like a scattered bouncy ball that we all know and feel at times.

Drinking water is very grounding, you should always drink water and replenish after a deep Earth healing, any trauma healing, or any spiritual endeavors or rituals. Grounding foods help and those are any rustic foods that come directly from the ground. They give you natural energy to replenish and restore your body’s need of nutrients. There are different more in depth grounding techniques that are out there but these techniques I use the most. I enjoy simplicity I do not like to complicate things.

You Are Gaia’s Children Starseeds…. When You Heal She Heals… To Infinity and Beyond


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Chord cutting has been on my mind lately and I have been able to take this on a deeper level at this time. However I will first go over the basics with you. Esoterically the aura body has extension chords within our energy. This is who and what we give energy to and who and what gives energy to us. Whether it is positive or negative. It can be a person, place, thing, situation, resentments, emotional wounds, bad habits, good habits, and among other positive and negative vibrations.

When empaths carry a heavy load it often results as energy build up in our energy,aura, and etheric bodies over time. When this happens we get an emotional upheaval. We will feel often disoriented, upset, anger, uncomfortable, not ourselves, not grounded, and feel all the heavy extreme emotions of whatever the energy it is that we are carrying. These chords that are generated in our energy are hot and cold chords. It depends on if it is a negative chord which is a chord that is coming from another person, place, or thing to you. Positive chords are coming from you to other energies. The positive chords are cool chords and negative chords are hot chords.

This energy from these chords can arise in a multitude of ways in my opinion. They can come from a past life and a past experience which you keep feeding into whether it be a positive aspect of self or a negative aspect of self. They can also come up as presently in the physical environment between each individual thing that you give and receive energy to. They can also be developed through telepathy, and other psychic abilities to what you give and receive energy to. These chords can hold emotions and just energy that is developing into formations. For example a chord I just pulled out was one that I had resentments about being an only child. Those emotions grew and grew and grew because I was suppressing it so badly it became a really big red and black energy in my overall being.

Basic chord cutting is cutting out the toxic energies that weigh your energy down. When you feel your energy being drained, irritable, emotional, frustration, can’t sleep, can’t focus you are being affected by negative chorded energy. Empaths need to disconnect from energy or it gets recycled in their system. When the energy is recycled that weight becomes heavy and needs to be expelled out into the either or astral realm which is the closest plane to the Earth. The either is where we transmute these toxic energies. Empaths are on a much higher vibration pull then most people because they are so sensitive to negative energy and energies around them. Negative energy flocks to us like a moth attracted to light. This is because we heal negative energy and negative energy heals us. It is a revolving door.

You can cut chords in several ways. I’ve used many different processes that help with chord cutting. The best way is to do a meditation to find the chords in your aura and do a body scan. When you feel hot energy spots that is a negative chord. Positive chords don’t affect you but feed you on a positive vibration. You need to feel why the chord is there and who and what is attached to it. When you remove your ego from the situation and ask for it to be revealed to you will help you in the process. I have also personally used the Violate Flame energies to cut chords, however this doesn’t resolve the issue of the chord. They can and will come back unless they are understood. Energy is energy and energy doesn’t lie. Clean out your toxic environments and free yourself.

We Are All One Starseed… Make Your Energy Shine… To Infinity And Beyond..

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We start with the basic laws of the universe. Where there is dark there is light and light cannot survive without the dark. Back to basics and Hermetics. The Law of Polarity everything has an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, light and dark, negative and positive, north and south, plus and minus, are all made up of our natural thoughts. For example “I love you,” is generally a positive thought. “I hate you,” is a negative thought. Love generally emits positive frequency vibrational energy that can generally beat down the negative. Hate is such a strong negative force that it drains energy and creates a toxic environment.

When you feel beaten down by negative energy keep your thoughts in check because thoughts make us vulnerable. This is how negative energy can get in. When you feel yourself reeling and also spiraling down hill you are in a negative mind set. If you are in a positive mind set things are better for you. You generally are not in control of yourself if you are in a positive mind frame. When you are controlling your environment you are not allowing the universe to guide you, you are in then a negative mind frame. When you are not using your intuition it is causing negative set backs in your life. Allow energies to flow. What goes up must come down and what goes around comes around.

Thought patterns can make or break our reality and what we are manifesting. Say we want to manifest abundance in our life but right now we are financially incapable of anything. We try and try and try to manifest but nothing seems to be working. Well there is a reason for this. We are in a negative thought pattern to manifest abundance. We are literally stopping the universal abundant flow of energy into our lives because we are cycling through the same thoughts.

Changing our thoughts and our thought patterns can make us unstuck in life. This is critical for going into 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Otherwise we will not progress. This is generally where I see people begin to fall short because they do not know how to begin. They do but they just don’t do it or not motivated to. It took me a long time to understand this. Also it takes a long time to develop a peace of mind. So do not worry if this is you, everything can be reversed, and you can unblock yourself. I started rigorously teaching myself how to unblock myself when I moved into my new home. I made it a priority for myself. So I could move forward in life and it seems to be working.

Now I am going to tell you the how. The divine imprint of a mystic is unwinding the thoughts in our core energy because as a mystic we are capable of handling all kinds of energy at the same time. We use our thoughts to decipher and discern negative and positive. So how do we change them? Energy is both internal and external. Internally we have our self at our highest sovereignty also known as our eternal self. In an earlier blog I posted about how to begin to access our highest self. So to change these thoughts we reverse the negative effects. If I am thinking “I hate my life nothing is going right and I can’t move forward.” I can quite literally go in and ask my eternal self to help raise the vibrations of the thoughts. Affirmations do this but for me it takes an extra emphasis so asking my eternal self to raise the vibrations of it so it matches my manifestations is more effective. If you are using affirmations and not believing them then it negates affirmations and cancels out.

So simply ask your eternal self “I call upon eternal self please raise the vibration of the thought pattern, I hate my life nothing is going right and I can’t move forward, to I am flowing with the abundance of the universe and I am feeling fulfilled in my life.” When you raise the vibration of the thought pattern it holds and it sticks. You begin to change your frame of mind. This is also how you un-manifest and manifest in your life.

Change the Vibration and Be Wild Starseed for your Dreams are yours >>>>

To Infinity and Beyond …


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What are dreams? Dreams are the window to our soul. Each dream is very important insight to who we are as both spiritually beings and physically as humans. Most people say they do not dream. This is not the case at all. People dream and have out of body experiences at night. They just do not recall or have the memory capacity to remember what they did at night. Sometimes dreams, when they are hard to recall, often come back during the day in the form of a waking dream which is when you are physically aware. They can also come back in silent meditation. Sometimes in meditation you can be lucid when contemplating the dream or you will not be lucid. The presence of the dream can be held in your minds eye and it will feel like you had an acid trip or a day dream. The contemplation of the dreams energy can bring the dream awareness back to your physical self.

When we dream it takes a while for the energy to enter into our physical self. Same goes for out of body experiences. An out of body experience is when your consciousness is projected out and you feel as if you are floating in another atmosphere or dimension in reality of space and time. The scenery changes often and it is like a flipped world that is turned upside down. The astral plane is the closest plane to the Earth’s surface. This is our dumping ground. This is where we play. This is the in-between space, time, dimension, and reality. There are many layers and dimensions as we are multi dimensional spiritual beings having a human experience. So naturally these short miniature projections do not last very long. They are very lucid and you can control what you are doing at this point. The reason why you do not have a long time is because your a physical human living in a 3D world. You cannot project your energy out for very long. We do not have 100% of our energy with us at all times. If we did, we would not be physically present in the Earth’s atmosphere.

As our energy breaks down in these realms we can see the infinite wonders of ourself. We can break energy as far down as we want to. There are no limitations in ourselves. Dream symbols are things that stand out to you in your dreams. They are things that are so profound that it sticks out to you the most. Visualization and imagination will help you lucid dream. Visualization is everything. It widens our awareness and our perceptions. Spend a while with one object. Like money for example, visualize in your minds eye a $1 bill. Keep that in your minds eye before you fall asleep and put it on repeat. I guarantee you will dream about money and keep doing this every night until you do. As there are many methods to lucid dreaming this is one example so you have to find what best fits you.

As far as dream symbolism goes, you cannot expect to be right every time you begin to decode dream messages. Reason why is because so many things mean so many things in dream world. As with dream symbols their meanings have to stand out to you as well. For instance, I dream about babies a lot, most of the time new born babies mean rebirth, they can also mean helplessness, and vulnerability. So take what you are experiencing in waking life and apply it to the dream you had and bam! There is your message!

Happy Decoding Earthlings … … … To Infinity and Beyond ** Keep a Dream Journal

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Animal spirit totems, in a 3 dimensional world, is our medicine. The properties of each animal is there to help heal our mind, body, and soul. They also teach us lessons spiritually, emotionally, physically, mentally. They are our energetic patterns. They show up in our life when we need to re-evaluate the situation we are currently in.

They can show up in many forms. They can show up in our dreams at night when we sleep, they can show up as an actual animal, they can appear as an image, sign, or photo. However they appear to you can also indicate many things about your situation as well. So how can you tell what your spirit totem is? If one is constantly showing up in your reality no matter how it may appear would be considered your animal totem.

Then to further your understanding of them you need to understand what kind of animal it is and what kinds of properties the animal holds. To find the properties one quick way I look up what their meaning is by Googling, for example if my spirit animal is a wolf…. I Google Wolf Totem and up pops the meaning of what a wolf totem would represent the kind of medicine we need to see for ourselves. Just like how you would interpret a dream. If one does not have the Internet meditate on these following questions below.

So then you would need to understand why they are there and how do you do that? To understand the why, you need to ask yourself: What is my current situation? What am I continuously contemplating over whether it be a worry, a relationship, financial crisis, spiritual crisis, emotional crisis, you need to break down this energy? What makes me feel this way?

Then you need to ask yourself how can I benefit from this animal totem. For example what can it offer me? How can I use this animal totem to help me with my development and understanding of self? So then you need to go back to their properties and revisit what medicine they hold. For example one of my animal spirit totems is a black panther. How I figured out how it benefits me is when I looked back at every time I saw a Black Panther in my life and I realized wow, this panther showed up to me in dream, showed up to me on my friends purse, showed up to me on the sidewalk at night time and each time it appeared to me the relationship I was involved in at the time was toxic. It was to the point that it hurt me and my financial situation every time. So now the benefit is whenever this animal appears in my life I will realize this person is toxic and it may benefit me to stay away from them. Panthers are protective energy. They will protect me from toxic relationships.

You can do this with all kinds of other symbolism that shows up in your reality and you can always break down the energy in this fashion. Understanding the what, why, how, and when. It is so helpful and so important when these clues pop up over and over again to take a look. Things are not always what they seem to be. Animals are pure. They will never steer you wrong. You can always count on them to be your guides. May the light shine brightly in your pathway.