ELLAS COSMIC STARSEED HEALINGS—- Either email me to book an appointment or message me through Facebook here:

Distance Reiki Healing

Duration 1 hour – $80 30 Min $60 Energy Boost $35

I will cut your chords, unblock, restore chakras. I will remove any stagnant energy. I will ground you and send you white light healing. White light works the same as Reiki. -This will restore your mind, body, and soul.

Kryst Clearings – Soul Banishment and Releasement

1 Hour – $250 for teaching $100 for full clearing

These are incredibly powerful banishments. They align you with your soul. I will need permission to speak to your eternal soul. When we speak to eternal soul it is the purest form of you. It knows all truths about you. I will do an hour recording on audio of what I pick up on and I will send it to you in email format. This is so you can hear me do the clearing and also relax at the same time. Your soul will be hard at work focused on the clearing. You will need extra rest so to schedule on a day off will be preferred for you. If we have opposite days off I can ask your spirit to wait to begin to clear until you have a day of rest. Intention is everything. This will come up in this reading that you haven’t heard of. It takes care of your mind, body, soul, aura and all esoteric bodies. You will feel a brand new person. This will come up during this and most of the clearings take a bout a month to release everything. You will feel more and more like yourself the more you do them and release. Give yourself time to rest during this clearing because they are super strong. ENJOY these are special.

Dream Interpretations

30 min -1 Hr $65
I will decode any dream you have need help with dreams. I have a lot of experience in this department. I can also help you finish a dream or walk you through meditations to finish the dream.

Spiritual Guides Reading

30 Min –  1 Hr $65

We go over your guides and your aspects of your higher self and how you are meant to connect to them and establish your energy

Empath Spiritual Reading

30 Min – 1 Hr $105

You get your Empath Abilities breakdown, Your Empath guides, Your Messages, An Activation of your choice can include a Starseed 1 chakra activation, 1 DNA Upgrade, or Chakra Activation

House Clearing

Duration varies • $300 or 3 payments of $100

Smudging house and clearing entities can be done many different ways. I can do this remotely only. The reason why this price is so high is because I see everything I transmute. Sometimes those images are very hard to release from my mind. I will not travel more than a half hour from my location but I can come to your home if you are local in my area. I can clear distantly as my light is strong and my light travels. Nothing messes with you or me ever again. You will be taken care of and I always bring Arch Angel Michael with me everywhere.


30 min -1 hr • $88

I have lots of experience in this department I can pull in energy from every direction it does depend a lot upon the situation of the deceased and who you are trying to contact. Where there is a will there’s a way. Sometimes a different kind of reading is necessary depending on what you want to know.

Past Life Akashic Records Readings

1 Hour – $111 30 Min $65 We tap into your origins you find out where your magick comes from and past lives. This is important into healing specialize in this. This is a solely based 1 hour or 30 Min reading regarding your past lives through any and all dimensions. 

Psychic Readings

1 Hour – $65 30 Min $45

I will not predict your future because the future can always change but if there is something you want to know I can always look into it for you and see what the real truth is of the situation. I look beyond the veil and I can see and read esoterically.

Tarot Card Readings (Same price as Psychic Readings)

Starseed Readings

30 Min for $45 for origins only 1 Hour $65 for origins, missions, skill sets.

The 1 hour reading seems to be the most popular. My prices are raised at this time I have been getting more bookings on a regular basis. 30 Min just for origins reading and past life. 1 Hour for Origins, past life, missions, and skill sets.  

Starseed Channeled Message Readings

1 Hour for $165

You get a break down of your Starseed guides and their channeled messages they have for you. 1 Hour recording via Dropbox app so I can send big audio files to you and you can hear your channeled messages. 

Starseed Chakra Activations

3 Hour process

$305 for all chakras $110 for chakra of your choice

Payment Plans available 3 payments of $105 for all chakras or 2 payments of $55 for one chakra

I go through and deeply clean your chakras layer by layer. It can get a bit personal. I have to ask you permission in order to do this. Also connect each of your chakras to your personal guides for starseed energies. This will allow you to know when you are connecting to a starseed that is from your home origins. Also allows for more knowledge to be brought down from the stars directly unto you. Deep clean to your soul and also helps with cleaning out stagnant fear.

I will work with you on pricing. These are not necessarily set in stone. We can discuss prices. I can also do payment plans and make time frames. I need payment up front before going into to doing the work for you. I use PayPal all I need is your email address. I also take donations. I charge for time and energy. The more energy we clear the higher the price. That is how I operate. Energy is energy. You will get either a voice recording or a written summary by minutes of what we did and what I accomplished. Thank you for choosing me for your psychic services.

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