Kryst Clearing and Chakra Balancing: $375

I will do a full Kryst Clearing and a full Psychic White Light Session which will include an hour reading, clearing, restoring, unblocking chakras, chord cutting, and grounding energetic bodies. It will heal mind. body, soul. Deep spiritual cleanse detox. Recommend to be done on a day off so you can rest because much rest will be needed.

Total Time 2 Hours

Abundance Prosperity Package: $550

An hour is $90 per session. The full package is $550 that equals out to $90 per session.

Each hour session we will look deeply into your abundance track and we will unblock each of the 24 main abundance blocks. We will reprogram your thoughts so you will be flowing and manifesting with universal abundance. We will also cover how you can benefit yourself to gain monetary value and manifestation of money. We can also cover how to get out of debt and what you can do to help pay yourself forward. This will include an hour reading at the beginning of your sessions.

Total Time 7 Hours or More if Needed

The Ultimate Twin Flame Package: $211

I go through and look at each individual person 1 hour reading for them and 1 hour reading for you. I will go through your Akashic Records and look at your past lives together and bring truth in your relationship. I will not cover any grounds with future timelines as I am a firm believer that somethings are meant to be surprises in life. I will help your relationship come to life and take a look at patterns and illusions for you both so you can move forward in the right directions.

Total Time 2 – 3 Hours

The Care Package: Includes Shadow Work and Entity Removal $250

We go through and look at your shadow and we bring light to your trauma. Usually there is entities around trauma cause and effect, that are hiding in plain sight, and in your energy. We will go to the root of the trauma and explore how you can unravel it. We will also go deep inside yourself and clearing the energy from the trauma. — Also done in the Kryst Clearings

Total Time 1 to 2 Hours

Connecting To Our Loved Ones: Includes House Clearing and Mediumship: Starting at $300

We connect to the energy around you and your home. We check on your loved ones and we will do a clearing on your home. This will give you a peace of mind and closure with the ones you love. This will also provide peaceful nights sleep clearing energy from your home and energy. This includes an hour reading.

Total Time (Varies) … price variances depending on how much energy there is to connect to and what is all in the house as well


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