My energy forecasts are designed differently then most. I do my forecasts based in the stars of the night sky. Naturally starseed home stars are equipped with our own personal energy. The sun and the moon and the planets are universal energy. My goal for you is to help map you into ascension using your star guides. In the old days to travel the pioneers used the North star, the guiding light, to go around the world. No I do not believe in a flat Earth. As the ships said the stars lead the way. I plan on doing the same for your galactic journey into your roots.

These energy forecasts are going to be mainly channeled by Arch Angel Ezekiel, Arch Angel Ariel, Arch Angel Metatron, and my other angelic guides as aliens were once also angels. I also have cosmic guides who might show up on a special occasion. They want their work and their knowledge to be known in such a fashion so they can be remembered. I am going to take you through a process of remembering where you come from. Your home tribes are waiting for you to complete your mission. We have specially designed DNA which activates in ascension process. In order to activate our DNA we need to tap into our light codes so these codes actually come from the cosmos.

Right now I am currently working on this process of activating my light codes. Through my own self doing this I will be able to teach you and show you how when the universe is guided you to me for help and you are completely one hundred percent ready to take this on. I will not do this without universal permission. There is a deep understanding that needs to be known and brought down to the human body. The process of healing is complicated, tiring, scary, confusing, and all kinds of emotions combined. There is karma associated with some of these contracts and that is a whole other process to work through and I am still even learning more on how to do that.

As each forecast channeled, will help guide you on where you can seek next for yourself. As everyone is different along this spiritual journey they are designed to broaden your horizons. You may use these forecasts for your own personal manifestations and as your table of contents to your starseed home. These are your diary. Starseeds are born with a knowing. They know no bounds. There are no limitations. We all have unique qualities and different timelines that tell a story of how we were created. This is a beautiful process to be hold. It will open many doors for you.

Happy Travels Starseed. To Infinity and Beyond.

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