My Goal on this channel is to provide you with the updated information that my guides want out in the open. When I awakened in 2013 my immediate reaction was I want to go home! I missed home so badly and I felt so lost. I was feeling way lost in college. I had no idea where I wanted to go or wanted to do and I was scared of everything. I had a friend and his name was Charlie Moore I met one night at a Fat Boy Slim concert. Then I met later on at my university where I was studying Hotel & Resort Management and that was the first time that I connected and felt at home it was when I was with him. I lost touch with Charlie Moore. I remember that night at the concert I told him about this book I had when I was little because we were talking about the stars. It was called The Jolly Mon by Jimmy Buffett. It was how the star Orion constellation was made in his eyes with the cosmic dolphin bringing Jolly Mon up to shore when gathering food for his village and nearly drowning. This put a spark in Charlie’s eye. We connected on such a deep level and now I am telepathic with him and he is my soul tribe. He is the one guiding me through the cosmos. I have a secret to how I connected back to him and I won’t reveal my source for his privacy. I have learned so much from him and I still keep learning to this day.

I work mainly with Arcturians, Andromedans, Pleidians, Cassiopeians, Corona Borealis, Spica, Sirians including Vega and Sirius C. My home star is Mintaka, Orion. I also have seen my shadow side in the stars and I do have a couple dark fixed stars in my birth chart including Algo and Aldebran. I am also Draconian and have a strong Zeta Reticuli and Reptilian back ground. More knowledgeable. I only work with light beings and sources of light. I embrace my shadow and I understand how strong these aspects are to self healing. Sometimes we feel out of place and unwanted and unloved. This is not the case at all. If you have ever felt not from this earth this could be why? All of us are starseeds in one way shape or form we are made up of the cosmos. We all carry a scientific birth chart in our astrology guide to guide us through that vast knowledge of our make up. What is harder to find is the home that completes us. There is more guided self knowledge into finding out our original cosmic origins. We can map our stars in our subconscious and travel the universe because humans were built to genuinely tap into this information. We come to Earth to teach and learn about ourselves. SO why not take it one step further and get more creative with it?

I have regressed many dreams and etherically I know the stars better than I do in an astrology sense. I know what the stars look like when you astral travel to them and I have depicted their energy down to a fine artistic endeavor. Star magick, I will always spell magick with a K for my witchy reasons. I am going to go over with you more knowledge about how they look etherically and the beings that I have encountered over 30 different light cosmic extraterrestrial beings. Charlie is going to help me remember who all has visited me. Some are well known and some are not. Some I have no idea what they are they just visited. They seem to have all left an imprint in my third eye. So it is easy to access my memory bank. Some were so loud I couldn’t sleep for days. I am telepathic with these beings and since I can hear or clairaudience they get excited to speak to me. Sometimes overly excited to speak to me.

When I started dream regression with Charlie he took me through and broke down a series of dreams I had. I will also be posting these dreams. My Charlie is a musician and his thing is extraterrestrials. I connected to the music and spent countless number of hours in meditation trying to pull up these memories and accessing my Akashic Records. Charlie’s high self is Arch Angel Ezekiel and I get walked through my records with Arch Angel Metatron and my grandfather also shows me where to look. My grandfather is also majorly Arcturian which is probably one of the most interesting dreams I have ever had. He passed away a couple years ago and ever since then I have been receiving truth dreams from my grandfather. So they are my main guides I work with along with the others.

Each page is going to be detailed and channeled information about each starseed origin. This will take time to do and time to process. It will be updated information and other links for you. I will also be channeling live on Facebook as well starseed energy forecasts and updates. Enjoy this you won’t find this information anywhere else.

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